Alternative Fashion Blogger Interview: I Am Foxxtailz

Blue Banana is back with another awesome interview. Next in our series of blogger interviews, we had the chance to chat with alternative fashion blogger, I Am Foxxtailz. She loves all things Japanese inspired when it comes to her wardrobe but also loves a dash of emo and pop-punk style. Sounds like the perfect combo for Blue Banana! 

If you haven’t come across her blog before click the link here. Our first question was how would you describe your blog to someone who has never read it before? 

It is an alternative fashion diary with lots of colour, clashing and experimentation. It's somewhere I can be 100. myself and show my style journey with my readers and a place I like to encourage personal style and [hopefully] inspire people to embrace their own. 

We know Foxxtailz loves to find her own style but we wanted to know who/what influences your style? One of my main style influencers is without a doubt Hayley Williams! She has been my fashion idol since I was around 1. years old. I love her ‘don't give a f*** attitude when it comes to fashion. It inspired me to be more daring when it came to my outfits. I also love Tokyo Street style. Lot's of colour clashing and experimentation there too! Bloggers that influence me are Zoe London and Amy Valentine - I would love their wardrobes! 

We reckon Foxxtailz must have a pretty epic wardrobe too! But there is always room for more. Here are her Top 5 Blue Banana picks

Oh this is a tough one!

  1. Cherry Red Dr Martens – I’m a sucker for a pair of Dr. Martens! 

  2. Hell Bunny Pink Maxine Blouse - It's not even funny how much I need this 

  3. Hell Bunny Pink Maxine Dress - I can't get enough of that print plus it would be perfect for summer! 

  4. Voodoo Vixen Cecil Shorts in seashell print - they're so dreamy!

  5. Cosmic Non Committal Cropped Top - this slightly tongue in cheek ''you're alright'' crop 

Setting Up Your Own Blog 

Next we wanted to know all about what it takes to be a blogger. How long does it take you to pick out an outfit for a photoshoot? 

Not that long really, I kind of already have an idea in my head as to what I want to wear. My blog is more of a fashion diary, so I like to keep it authentic as possible and shoot my actual OOTD [Outfit Of The Day] for that day. If it's a collab shoot, I pull a load of stuff out of my wardrobe and piece the outfits tougher until I get the result I'm after - usually with the help of my boyfriend. I also have a rack in my room with my fave bits in my wardrobe of the time that I interchange depending on my mood- it helps to inspire my wardrobe choices. 

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own fashion blog?

I've been asked this a few times and I always say the same thing, if blogging is something you want to do then just go for it. It can be hard work at times but so rewarding and fun. Be true to yourself and be 100% authentic to what you post about. It's a great creative outlet and the community is the best. I've made some friends for life through blogging. 

Finally we wanted to find out what Foxxtailz enjoys doing when she isn’t blogging!

Sleep haha, I've got a pretty full on job as well as my blog so I can't beat a good nap. I love to read too, I've always got my head in a book. I've just moved back to the city and I am enjoying doing some urban exploring, I love finding and looking for street art. I'm also really into pole fitness too - I'm currently training for my level 2 exam in March!

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Written By Amy McEvoy