How To Dip Dye Hair

One of the awesome trends that seems to be taking off at the moment is dip dyed or ombre hair. This style of hair colouring allows you to only dye the ends of your hair, or choose particular sections for adding colour. It can lead to some really beautiful results and offers a lot of customisation, so even if you do have bright green or blue hair, you can still look unique!

And so, since everybody seems to be going wild over it, we’ve decided to create this informative guide on how to dip dye hair, so you can experiment with this unique hair style for yourself!

Step 1 – Preparation

Before any kind of dyeing begins, you need to have the right equipment and materials. You’ll first of all need your hair colour dye of choice, some hair bleach or lightener if you have dark hair, some aluminium foil, brushes or combs and a safe place in which to dye your hair without causing any mess. You may also need a friend or parent for supervision and help with the process. Some colour protecting shampoo and conditioner is also necessary for aftercare. Make sure you have all surface areas and your shoulders protected from excess dye covered by old towels.

Step 2 – Lightening Your Hair

To get the best results out of your dip dye, you need to first need to bleach or lighten your hair colour, especially if it’s already a darker shade. This is so the colour you choose will show up better, especially if the colour you want is lighter than your natural hair colour. Brush and separate the sections of hair you wish to dip dye and clip them into place to make them easier to manage. Mix the hair bleach or lightener as instructed on the packaging and apply it to the sections of hair you wish to recolour. Cover up each bleached section with some aluminium foil squares and fold them up evenly, and secure them in place with hair bands or rubber bands. Leave them until the time specified on the packaging has passed, but make sure to check that your hair is light enough as you need it.

Step 3 – Getting Ready To Dip Dye

Once the right amount of time has passed for your bleached hair, wash any excess out with water. If needed, use shampoo and conditioner, but only use the recommended variety. Next, once your hair is dry, begin mixing the coloured dye you intend to use for hair dyeing. Follow the directions as specified on the packaging to ensure nothing goes wrong. Once the dye is ready to go, again separate your hair into sections to make the dip dyeing process as easy as possible. Now it’s time to get dyeing!

Step 4 – Dip Dyeing Your Hair

Another example of awesome dip dyed hair

Apply your hair dye with a brush to the sections of bleached hair, trying to avoid getting it onto the areas you don’t want coloured. Once you feel enough dye has been applied, wrap each hair section in aluminum foil or a plastic bag and seal them up with rubber bands. Allow the recommended time instructed on the colour dye’s packaging to pass before removing the foil, but even if that time has passed, regularly check that the dye is bright enough and apply more if necessary. Once the all clear has been given, remove all the foil and rinse out excess dye with water.

Step 5 – Aftercare

Now that your hair is dyed, make sure to care for it as it says on the packaging of the hair dye. This may mean not washing your hair for a while to ensure the dye doesn’t lose its bright finish. You might also need to use special shampoo and conditioner to maintain the brightness of your hair colour and prevent it from drying out after being bleached. With proper care your hair should always look awesome and you’re free to style it however you want!

Extra Tips

  • You can mix and match different colours if you wish by choosing different colours for each section of hair, which can lead to some stunning results.
  • Always make sure you’re confident you’ve chosen the right colour for your hair before dyeing. Apply a strand test first if you’re unsure whether a colour suits you.
  • Dye can and will stain almost anything, so make sure to wear gloves and protect all surfaces and clothing during the dyeing process.

So now you know how to create a basic dip dyed hair effect, it’s time to get experimenting with some unique styles! We have a great variety of various colour dyes from brands like Manic Panic and La Riche to ensure you get the very best and brightest dyed hair. So get dip dyeing and show off those amazing hair colour combinations!

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