How To Create A Rock And Roll Look

Dressing like a bonafide rockstar is something we all dream of, and it might seem like it’ll never become reality, but it’s actually easier than you might think. Creating a rock and roll look doesn’t require a huge amount of money and it most certainly isn’t difficult if you know where to find the perfect clothes to pull off the rockstar image.

And so, because we know that the rockstar style is so desirable, we’ve decided to makes this guide on how to create a rock and roll look. With these hints and tips you’ll soon be pulling off a proper rocker look that’ll make people passing by believe you really are a rockstar!

Go Thrifting!

Kurt Cobain Converse

Kurt Cobain created his iconic grunge look by wearing second hand clothes

Rockstars in general don’t exactly put as much effort in constructing their image than you might think. Most of the coolest rockers pull off their look effortlessly and can make even the scraggiest of clothes look amazing. A lot of the clothes they wear are actually second hand or random stuff they thought was cool that they found or inherited.

A lot of rockstars don’t spend thousands on designer brands, they just threw on whatever was lying around or they could buy cheap from a charity shop or thrift store. This is key if you want to achieve a grunge, indie or punk inspired look and Kurt Cobain himself famously wore clothes he just inherited or bought second hand. The idea is to look like you don’t care about the way you dress and go against the current fashion trends. So get hunting for those old school dresses, shirts and jackets in charity shops, because you never know what you might find and be able to give a new lease of life!

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been worn by rockers ever since the 50’s and their style never goes out of fashion, for both women and men. Whether it’s rockabillies, punks, metalheads or even just indie rockers, the leather jacket has become synonymous with rockstar style. You can buy a decent leather jacket from just about anywhere on the high street, but if you’re shopping on a budget then check your local charity shops. The older and more vintage the jacket appears, the more authentic it’s rockstar cred will be.

It might seem a little weird too, but you could also ask your Grandfather or Dad if they have a leather jacket they wore when they were young too. At least then you’ll now the jacket is really old, which is what you’re aiming for! Once you’ve got your jacket, you should wear it as much and as often as possible, and they look awesome with plain white t  shirts or vest tops.



Denim Jackets can be customised for a unique metal or punk style

Although everybody might be wearing it, denim is and always will be rock and roll. So make sure you’ve got a wardrobe full of quality jeans. You can make those jeans look a little rougher around the edges though by wearing those that are a little worse for wear. Rip those jeans and remember that more battered they look, they cooler they become – so long as its not obvious they were ripped purposefully. Denim clothes don’t stop with jeans though, as a jacket can also help towards perfecting your rockstar image. Old school punks and metalheads from the late 70’s and 80’s – particularly in the thrash scene – wore tatty denim jackets when caught in a mosh. A plain denim jacket needs a little extra to really look cool though, and the perfect way to add some flair to their design is with studs, spikes, badges and patches. All these are cheap and easily available from hobby stores, and you can collect patches of your favourite bands at gigs or from music shops.

Get The Perfect Footwear

Rock and roll footwear is quite varied and really you can pretty much choose whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some of the most iconic rockstar shoes include Converse and Dr Martens though, and have been pictured on the feet of just about everybody who’s ever picked up an electric guitar. Whilst they’re no doubt the best of the bunch, any old combat boots, pumps or sneakers will do the trick. For the girls out there, you can also get rock and roll style glamorous heels customised with spikes, studs and bows, or even cute little pumps with polka dots. Anything better than a bog standard pair of trainers will do.

Retro Dresses

50’s style dresses re perfect for a rock and roll chick look

Modern dresses you find in high street shops don’t quite cut it when it comes to giving you a rock chick look, so to find that real rockstar vibe you need to look to the past. Retro style dresses inspired by 50’s rockabilly are a surefire way to a glamorous rock and roll image. Some modern brands like Hell Bunny still appreciate retro dresses, but if you want real authenticity then a trip to a vintage store or charity shop might be on the cards. You might also be surprised to find out that your gran might have a few nice dresses she’s kept, which can be repaired and revived for true 50’s authenticity – enhancing your rock credibility.


If you have some skill with a sewing kit and textiles, then perhaps the best way to really go for a rock and roll look is to create an image for yourself. There’s nothing more punk rock than finding bits and pieces and stitching them together to create something authentic and asserting your own individual style. Making DIY clothing can range from tie dyeing shirts, adding patches and studs to jackets and accessories or even renovating a dress. Being rock is to be different, and nothing is more rock and roll than creating your own style.

So now your head should be swimming with ideas, you’re ready to get out there and start creating your rockstar image. If you at least look like a rocker, people might treat you like one, so reinvent your style with a little bit more rock and roll!

Written By BlueBanana