Time To Flaunt The Geek Chic: What To Wear To Comic Con

With San Diego Comic Con getting underway this weekend and more Comic Cons in the UK and around the world, you’re probably wondering what to wear to Comic Con. There’s never been a better time to plan for your Comic Con outfit. Whether you want to look marvelous with Marvel or super with DC we’ve got you covered.

Our range has everything from Deadpool to the Walking Dead so there is bound to be something you will want to show off at your next convention.

So you want to know what to wear for Comic Con?

Our Pop Culture main section is available for you to explore here. But before you delve through our Geek merch, get some great inspiration on what to wear to Comic Con. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for awesome Comic Con Clothing.

A Modern Marvel in Geeky Clothing.

Have you been waiting patiently for the next thrilling adventure of your favourite Marvel superheroes? Then you’re probably watching with bated breath while Comic Con starts to release more information about this year’s franchise feature films or stream of super TV Series.
If, while you’re walking the halls of the convention centre you want to represent an unbeatable squad of specials agents, enhanced humans and a god thrown in, then assemble your outfit with the pictured Avengers Tee and or even the Captain America Backpack for a great look.

Some of you may not exactly be team players. Then don’t be seen dead than without an awesome Deadpool T Shirt that tells everyone that nothing is sacred anymore. Not even the fourth wall.

DC Apparel to Make You Look Super, Man.

After the justice of a great Wonder Woman movie. DC is ready to show off all new movies as well as more instalments to their myriad of awesome TV shows. The DC panels are always a great opportunity to hear some interesting answers to questions, so make sure to keep an ear out for the Q&As.

You can suit up ready for the panel with some of these great apparel ideas. If you want to let DC know you’re after information as if you’re the world’s greatest detective get a Batman Shield T Shirt and you’ll be looking dark and brooding before you can say “Holy Comic Con Batman”.

When you’re outside the convention centre you’ll have to keep warm. You could run as fast as you can to heat up, or you can look flashy in a Flash Hoodie. Top your outfit off with a new Superman Messenger Bag so you can keep hold of all the awesome swag that comes with a trip around the different booths. Be sure to get this super bag soon, they’re flying off the shelves.

Geeky Tees Worth Talking About.

Of course, Comic Con isn’t limited to information about the events of Comic book companies. It is an opportunity to enjoy anything from Sci-fi and Fantasy. There is no limit of what to wear to Comic Con. Events will continue to provide worlds of information about future films, TV shows and comics. So you have a whole host of choices with what to wear to Comic Con.

Perhaps the shambling masses you see on the floor appear less life like than you’d hoped. Well, blend in with the walkers using a Walking Dead Tee that looks deathly cool.
Set your phasers to stunning with a Star Trek Uniform Tee. Explore strange new worlds and boldly go through the stalls and panels in style.

If you’d rather explore multiple universes but you don’t have access to a portal gun like we do at Blue Banana, then the Rick and Morty Portal T shirt is a great look while at Comic Con. Celebrate one of the greatest cartoons to come out of the past decade. Declare to the world “wubalubadubdub” after spending hours of queuing up for panels.

Play With Your Cosplay.

If you’d prefer to go all out with a Cosplay costume for your Comic Con outfit, then you should take a look at our extensive amounts of Coloured Contacts and Hair Dyes. Now you can make your outfit reflect your attention to detail. Get a great Naruto style anime look or have the eyes of a mutant this Comic Con. Couple with some of our colourful hair dyes for a perfect Cosplay.

Now all that is left is to start planning the events you want to attend and which celebrities you’ll be ruthlessly stalking for an attempt at a selfie. Be sure to search through our pop culture section if you’re looking for something different. Our stock is bound to have something that will make your style work.

Now you know what to wear for Comic Con, Check Blue Banana out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our latest products. Be sure to send us all of your great Comic Con outfits and Cosplays. We’d love to see them.

Written By BlueBanana