Top 10 Tips For Festival Survival

Festival Season is nearly upon us; Groezrock is in a 2 weeks and then we’re straight into Download, Glastonbury, 2000 Trees, Tramlines, Boardmasters, Reading & Leeds and a whole bunch more.

With that in mind we thought we’d better put together a list of tips for getting the most out of whichever festival(s) you’re going to this year.

So here we go, Top 10 Tips For Festival Survival




1. Scope Out The Food Trucks

There’s not much worse than paying a fiver for a bag of sad, cardboard tasting chips, then turning a corner and finding a rad vegan falafel stand selling delicious grub for half the price. Lunch time ruined. Do your research!



Festival Tents



2. Choose Your Pitch Wisely

Being close to the toilets might seem like a convenience, but its gonna get stinky on day 3 when the warm morning sun is beating down on the piss soaked mud. And camp away from club tents if you want a good nights sleep, especially if you’re not getting boozy.



Roll Matt


3. Pack A Decent (Inexpensive) Sleeping Bag & Roll Mat

So you want to travel light? Your sleeping stuff is not the place to save weight. When you’re only getting a few hours of booge fueled sleep you’d better make sure they’re good ones.




Water Bottle



4. Drink Water!

Watching bands from midday to 12 / 1 am is a long flippin’ day. You’ve gotta stay hydrated man.


<Yeah we know – They’re spilling that everywhere.




10 Tips For Festival Survival - No. 5 Vegetables



5. Eat Ya Damn Vegetables

Revisiting the food theme, chips are great at 2 am when you’re wasted, but eat nothing but them for 4 days and you’re going to feel like your insides are giving up on you.



10 Tips For Festival Survival - No. 6 Pack-A-Mac



6. Pack-A-Mac

It rains in Britain. A lot. And especially when you’re gonna be spending a bunch of time outdoors. Always bring a coat or even a poncho, it will always be for you when you need it most.








7. Bring A Spoon, Fork & A Tin Opener

Depending on which festival you’re at you may try and save a few quid by buying a couple of tins of beans for breakfast and the like. You would not believe how many people do this and have nothing to eat them with.

Oh, and why the tin opener you ask? If you’re saving money by buying tins there’s no way you’re splashing out on ring pulls.






 8. Don’t Forget Your Wet Wipes

Sometimes you’ve gotta treat yourself.  Plus, Hygiene.







9. Bum Bags?

Yeah yeah, bum bags aren’t cool. Tell that to the euro punx, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Sometimes practicality is okay and besides, you’ve got an excuse; it’s a festival, you can wear whatever.  Just something to think about.







10 Tips For Festival Survival - No. 10 Socks



 10. Clean Socks Are Your Best Friend

Clean socks, the savior of many men and women.  Pack more than you think you need, and do the same with underwear.

Anyone who has done any kind of touring or travelling will know that there is nothing like a fresh pair of socks.

Even if you can’t wash for 4 days, a fresh pair of socks will give you that fresh morning feeling, trust us, we’ve been there, a lot.






So there you have it, 10 festival musts for 2015. Hit us up on facebook or twitter and let us know what you think!

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Written By BlueBanana