Our Rock & Metal News Update For August

Get yourself up to date with all the rock and metal news for August and be full prepared for what’s coming to the metal community!

Big fans of Blue Banana and those who follow our social media such as Facebook and Twitter will know that as well as stocking up on the latest and greatest alternative fashion, we always keep you up to date with what’s going on in the rock and metal community to give you the latest heavy metal news!  We understand that between visiting all your favourite gigs (especially during summer festival season) it’s so easy to miss out on some of the crucial rock music news that’s going around! That’s why we’ve decided to put together a little list of all of our favourite things that have happened during the last month so you can stay on top of all the metal music news with our metal blog.

So, in order to keep you well informed, buckle down and get ready to plan your next epic concert! Plus if there is some rock and metal news here that really blows your mind, you’ll be able to get prepared with our epic official band merch section available here!

Hollywood Undead & Archenemy UK Tours Revealed in Rock and Metal News

This is perhaps some of the best news out there with tours catering to two different audiences!

If you’re dying to get your ears on some new death metal songs after the incredible Bloodstock open air festival last week, be sure to check out Archenemy’s tour hitting the UK in early 2018!

Archenemy UK Tour

If you’ve been a huge fan of the alternative rock/rap band Hollywood Undead for a few years and are dying to hear epic tracks such as ‘Everywhere I Go’ in the flesh, you’ll be ‘Comin In Hot’ when you hear about their newly announced UK tour! Take a look at the full list of UK tour dates here!

Hollywood Undead Tour

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If this is exactly the news you are looking for stick with Blue Banana as your comprehensive metal insider, or perhaps stock up for the Hollywood Undead tour with some new discounted official band merchandise?

Slipknot to Return With More Heavy Metal Music

One of our favourite pieces of rock and metal news for August just has to be all the info we’ve received regarding Slipknot. We will all be blessed with a full concert and backstage footage movie named ‘Day Of The Gusano’ in cinemas from September 6! But we’ve also caught word of 27 new Slipknot songs that are written and ready to be recorded! If you’re as excited as we are you‘ll love our selection of Official Slipknot Band Merch!

Metallica Are The Stars Of Classic Rock News

If any band is a testament that metal will always live on, it’s Metallica. Not only did they produce their 10th studio album in 2016, but they’re also still rocking on and having fun after more than 35 years! Check out their latest appearance on celebrity carpool and take a look for yourselves!

But the real metal news that you’ll be dying to hear about will be that their Master of Puppets album is getting a full re-release! Meaning you’ll be able to hear some of the best thrash metal ever written in the most advanced sound quality available!  Why not fully bring back the nostalgia of this epic album and treat yourself to some of our classic Official Metallica band merch?

Iron Maiden’s New Mobile Game

If you’re looking for more than just listening to Iron Maiden, you’ll now be able to live it as Eddie in the new Iron Maiden Mobile game ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast’.

Check it out on the Google play store and App store now! Before you go though, don’t forget to check out our awesome Iron Maiden Gear here.

Black Sabbath End Of The ‘End’ Trailer

If you’re a long-time fan of Black Sabbath keep your eyes peeled for this movie featuring their top moments from their farewell tour. Personally, we’ll be sad to see them go but it’ll definitely a movie to look out for:

Some pretty amazing stuff coming our way for 2017/2018, right? Don’t forget to check out our awesome official band merch store so you can get fully kitted out for your upcoming gigs and festivals. Also if you enjoyed this little update be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can be in the loop for all future rock and metal news!

Written By Oliver Jenkins