Get Steampunk Clothing For These Amazing Steampunk Events 2018

For the past few years, Blue Banana has been a proud provider of a wide range of stylish and unique Steampunk Clothing. If the whirling gears, goggles and Victorian era clothing is what makes you feel great, we want you to embrace your interest with gusto. Often people might be reluctant to enjoy this special fashion because there aren't many situations where you will find kindred spirits. That is why we're pointing to a couple of our favourite UK based Steampunk Events 2018 has to offer. These are the big and special weekend long events where large numbers of people will gather from around the UK and abroad. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking for your local events as there are often several day long events where you can find a place for your fashion to match and stand above the steampunk outfits of everyone else.


A special weekend event for those who love all kinds of stylish fashions, the TimeQuake weekend event takes place between March 30th and April 1st in Manchester. As well as having people dressed up in steampunk apparel there will be post-apocalyptic, zombie and wild-west clothing styles to check out. Each will have its own special area to embrace all of the different styles of steampunk that people love. It could be a great time to look at branching out into even more fashion styles. On Saturday night there will be a Cataclysm Ball so you can enjoy some live music and take the event to all new heights for your involvement in your favourite fashion.

Check out this amazing picture from the TimeQuake Instagram page

Asylum Steampunk Festival

The Asylum Steampunk Festival boasts the title of "largest and longest running steampunk festival in the solar system" making it the must attend event for any virtuoso of steampunk clothing. during the August bank holiday weekend which falls this year between 24th and 27th August, the city of Lincoln will be taken over by this event. Be ready for a lot of walking as this ginormous event has multiple locations including a whole university campus where you can enjoy every aspect of the Steampunk culture. There will be plenty of live music, markets, parades and more so you'll definitely be entertained for every minute of the four day long event. If this isn't enough to get you excited, check out these Instragram fans from last year's event. 

Steampunk Clothing For The Big Event

Now we've shown you these two super entertaining weekend conventions, its time for you to start thinking about what you're going to wear. There is plenty of different looks available in our store so make sure to get searching for the best steampunk Victorian clothing and more. Just check out some of these great ideas.

Steampunk Ladies Clothing

Whether you're searching for stunning corsets with stunning filigree patterns, or the frills of a Victorian style shirt, or mix them together for a stunning tailed coat. Whatever you need for female steampunk clothing, you can find it in the steampunk section of our website.

Steampunk Mens Clothing

Getting that top level elegance is all about the right clothing and just looking at these items of steampunk clothing, its easy to see why. The best way to get yourself ready for a steampunk event is with the specialized suit pieces like a tailed coat or stylish waistcoat. Check out the steampunk clothing for sale in our store.

Steampunk Accessories

Once you have a set of steampunk clothing, its time to start adding some extra accessories to crank the dial up to eleven. The amount of steampunk costume accessories on our website is so varied that you have to search through the whole collection to make sure you're not missing out on the perfect addition to your outfit. Just look at some of the steampunk arm accessories as well as pendants, chokers, canes, rings, cufflinks, wristbands, and more.

We would also be remiss to ignore the number of stylish steampunk masks and goggles that you can add to your costume. As these are one of the most popular additions to any outfit, you will feel like your outfit is missing something without them.

The list of amazing steampunk accessories that provide just keeps getting longer. Just look at these stunning hats including some great steampunk hats for women like the pillbox hat above. The design is just perfect for a Victorian era themed Steampunk outfit.

Now that you're all prepared to get the steampunk clothing outfit that you need to make a rousing Steampunk event 2018. be sure to make the most out of the occasion. If you're ever looking for more accessories and clothing, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on new products as soon as they appear on our website.

Written By BlueBanana