Everyday Cosplay: How to Nerd Out on the DL 24/7

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You all know what Cosplay is, but you’re probably wondering what the heck Everyday Cosplay actually is, right? Simply put, it’s a way of paying homage to your favourite characters through theming ‘ordinary’ clothing. Simple, no?

What better way to show off your allegiance to your favourite fandom than by sneakily dressing up as your heroes? It’s every kid’s dream isn’t it?

Aren’t You A Little Short To Be A Stormtrooper?

“But I’m too X, Y & Z to do this!” we hear you cry! Whether you think you’re too short, too tall, too big or too small, that has no bearing on your ability to rock an casual cosplay look!

Traditionally in Cosplay culture, gender, race, age and size are completely immaterial in participating and creating looks based upon your favourite characters, the only requirement being a sense of fun! With this in mind, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions to help you get a handle on EC.

Won’t I Need Loads Of Stuff For Everyday Cosplay?

Nope! This is the beauty of EC, you can completely tailor your look around items you already own and take liberties with your ensembles! You wouldn’t see Iron Man in a dress or Wolverine in a hoodie, but that makes your finished look even more unique and special.

Why Would I Want To Dress Up As Someone Without *Actually* Dressing Up As Them?

It’s all about being creative and having fun with your clothing. It’d get a little boring if you went to school, work or college dressed in full Loki regalia every day wouldn’t it? Conversely, why stick with constantly wearing the same old stuff? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a stack of clothes and accessories that you hardly wear, so this is a perfect way to shop your closet and love what you’ve already got!

But What If I Don’t Look Enough Like The Person I’m ECing as?

It doesn’t matter! The whole point is to be inspired by a colour scheme, a theme or a logo, not to become a carbon copy, ‘cos that’s what special occasion Cosplay is for. Take your inspiration from unexpected sources, such as adding a feminine twist to a Batman or Dr Who inspired outfit or wear an outfit in the exact shade of Luke Skywalker’s lightsabre! However closely you stick to your original source of inspiration, you’ll create an awesomely unique look that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For…

Do, Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Sites such as The Nerdy Girlie, Cosplay Every Day and even Buzzfeed have plenty of inspiration for aspiring EC’ers, plus there are tons of forums and specialist websites you can visit if you plan to delve deeper into the world of casual cosplay. However you decide to participate in EC, remember to have some fun with it!

Check out our Polyvore and Pinterest pages for more everyday Cosplay inspiration and to find out where to purchase the items we’ve used! If you’ve put together an awesome look, why not share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #bluebananaeverydaycosplay? Excelsior!

Written By BlueBanana