Custom T Shirts: Unique, Independent Artist Designed Tees At Blue Banana

Have YOU had a chance to check out our range of Custom T Shirts yet? Well, then what are you waiting for?! Our custom tees are perfect for pop culture fans and anyone with a truly wicked sense of humour. All the designs used in our tees are from independent and talented designers, who’s designs are sure to make you stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for a fun new tee design, then make sure to check out our Custom T Shirts section here.

Enjoy designs from Adam Lawless, Boggs Nicolas, Butcher Billy, CodDesigns, Dooomcat, Liberty Maniacs, Nudefoodtees, Offbeatzombie, Teesbox, Typhoonic, Warbucks360 and more!

Pop Culture Custom T Shirts

What’s your favourite pop culture genre? Whether its superheroes, sci-fi, TV shows or gaming, trust us when we say we’ve got designs to cater for all tastes and preferences! Make sure to check out the work from awesome designers and you’re sure to find a style you’ll love.

Superhero Custom T Shirts

If you’re feelin’ pretty super, then now is the time to check out some of the awesome superhero-inspired designs. You won’t need a cape or mask in order to create your very own vigilante outfit. A custom tee is an ideal way to show some love for some of our mightiest heroes. If you’re more of a villain or anti-hero type, then the Offbeatzombie Joker T Shirt is sure to be a seriously stylish option.

No matter your hero allegiance, there’s certainly a design to suit your film or comic-book preferences. If you consider to be more supportive of one franchise over the other then the Dooomcat Exclusive Club T Shirt is an ideal way to show your allegiance.


Retro & Gamer Custom T Shirts

These stylish retro gamer tees are sure to give your wardrobe a much needed power-up! Show your love for iconic video game character with these standout designs. If you’re totally in love with everything that gaming from the 80s has to offer, then the Typhoonic Classic Gamer T Shirt is the way to go if you consider yourself a member of the 8-bit generation!  If you’re after the geekiest garb going then make sure to check out the Blue Banana Legendary T Shirt!

We’ve got eighties pop culture down to a tee with some of these designs. If you just love retro films then these Custom T Shirts are sure to make you look pretty (Mc) fly! We love the comic book and film mashup in the CodDesigns Heavy Adventures T Shirt, if you’re looking for a gift for real film buff, then this tee is the way to go!

Funny & Offensive Custom Tees


Are you the joker of the group? Can’t help but make people laugh? There are plenty of Teesbox tees which are sure to raise a chuckle wherever you go. Some designs may offend, but it’s up to you to decide how far your willing to go! The Teesbox W Anchor T Shirt will certainly raise eyebrows, or if you’d rather try out a pun, then the Teesbox Camel Tow T Shirt is a won-tee-ful choice!

We do love the slick design of the Liberty Maniacs Come In Peace T Shirt. Sassy and stylish,it’s ideal for lovers of alternative fashion or if you’re headed to a festival this year!


All of our custom tees are printed ourselves on high quality black cotton tees, which are both comfortable and hardwearing.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what designs you can pick up, so why not go ahead and check out the full selection for yourself? You won’t find designs as awesome as this anywhere else!

If you’ve already treated yourself to a whole new custom tee, then we want to see it! Send us your photos on social media or tag us in a picture, we’ve love to see and hear what you think of our tees. Head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the latest on new products and ranges at Blue Banana.


Written By Sam Oliver