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Addict Clothing LogoAddict Clothing was set up in 1996 with the view to introduce the UK with a fresh new streetwear brand. In its humble beginnings Addict had only one logo to run with, accompanied by four T Shirt prints. Instead of exploding onto the retail scene over marketing how ‘street’ they were and overpopulating their ranges with outrageous patterns and colours, Addict’s approach to design was minimal.

Although the brand has fruitfully flourished into a recognisable name, elaborating their styles with more adventure and guile, the common Addict ethos is still ever present; proudly including neat and tidy graphics, often supplied by local artists using modest colourways and high quality fabrics. They are now a major name within urban outerwear, yet this clothing company has remained grounded, leaving their brand to evolve rather than shoving it down the throats of anyone who wished to level up on their street credibility.

This independent fashion outlet has struck a great balance between fresh Addict Clothingartwork and luxurious durable materials. Right from the off the Addict clan sought contributions from underground artists and budding designers. It was this unique embracement which influenced the brands look, style and feel. Prominent artists including SheOne, C-Law and Mitch who were all featured early on, now resurface almost every year to bring something different to the table and to keep the roots alive.

From what was once only a handful of UK artists creating customised prints, has now turned into a worldwide link up with Addict moving across the shores and rubbing shoulders with international designers. Artists such as American tattooist BJ Betts, Japanese Geometric Pop Artist Tadaomi Shibuya and the multi-talented Australian artist Numskull.

Addict Clothes Connection To Music

Addict clothing lands into a unique fashion category with their main competition coming from the likes of Stussy and Carhartt. Addict endeavour to keep admirers on board by consistently involving themselves in underground music scenes. This goes way beyond having their brand signature advertised on billboards at hip hop nights – music and culture is in Addict’s DNA and their clothing ranges can reflect this.

The Addict Beats Collective or ABC for short supported a cross-section of genres including urban artists such as hip hop acts Rodney P, Taskforce and The Nextman, all the way to Drum and Bass and Dance music outfits Hospital Records and Faithless. The Addict Beats Collective clothing range became a big favourite for aspiring DJ’s, MC’s and rappers, further bonding Addicts relationship with urban culture.

Not only have they allowed cool musicians to don their clothing but they do something rather unusual for a clothing brand. On Addict’s official website they include a music tab which explores their most relevant and favourite acts. These music pages showcase everything from the artists bio, their biggest feats as well as hosting media which enables people to listen.

Addict Clothes Connection To Board Sports

Board sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding are also intertwined in Addict’s fabrication. Addict clothing is renowned for its durable and hard wearing nature, not to mention the cool collaborations they’ve experienced with other relevant board sport brands.

Collaborations with G-Shock watches, Vans shoes and SPY Optic Snowboard goggles has seen Addict firmly make an active name for themselves, not just settling for a casual and smart streetwear outlet.

Addict have also been involved in making skateboarding equipment by using one off prints to feature on skate decks. They bring intriguing prints created by artist’s who are close to Addict’s heart, most noticeably the saucy ‘Manara Strip’ skate deck designed by Milo Manara.

As well as making boards for the streets Addict have pitched their styles for the slopes. Addict have worked with the likes of Canadian snowboard company Endeavour Snowboards; Endeavor are a huge name within the snowboard sector and are often branded as one of the most reputable and exciting brands going. Again, much like the skateboarding hook up, Addict used their impressive artistic contacts to stamp home some cool Addict prints onto exclusive snowboard selections.

Camouflage is also a big look for Addict. People from underground scenes seem to adopt that dark camo look, perhaps it’s the connection with night time adventures and shady lifestyles, whatever it is, Addict camouflage remains a popular choice. Many of their camo designs come courtesy of longstanding designer SheOne.

Addict Superhero Clothing Range

Wolverine Tee By Mitch

Wolverine Tee By Mitch

Another one of Addict’s most successful ranges is the Marvel clothing collection. This saw Addict celebrate some of the most popular superheroes in the form of unique, creative and action motion character prints, drawing upon artists such as Oddisy, Mitch and Shogun to provide the designs.

Oddisy“I wanted to convey the way in which these characters interact with their surroundings by illustrating them in dynamic poses using lots of perspective and interesting angles. They made such an impact on me growing up that I really wanted to give them my own twist and interpretation, Odisy style.”

Spiderman League Jacket

Spiderman League Jacket

It’s not often that you can find superhero inspired clothing prints within a quality designer brand range. Addict seriously bucked the trend in terms of your standard Superhero clothing designs, they threw an underground curve ball into your typical logo prints and character portrayals. From Marvel character tees, trucker hats and beanies, they bring a fresh scope to Superhero clothing.

Addict Marvel clothing is the perfect way to involve maturer members and fashion conscious dressers alike; often helping people to relive their childhood memories and reignite admiration towards superheroes without denting their cool image. Whether it’s powerful vibrations from The Incredible Hulk, a slicing and dicing Wolverine or more acclaimed heroes such as Spiderman, each design delivers something different.

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The term Addict is rarely used in a positive light. Yet this clothing brand has kept its loyal customers coming back for more, which is testament to the supreme quality and endurance of their clothes and the creativity that goes into their graphics. So in a way, they’re just like a dealer, supplying addicts which crave their next hit. But this time, if you do become an Addict, your image and appearance will prosper rather than deteriorate. It’s a healthy addiction!

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