Ear piercing constellations have been popular for some time but the style of earrings is constantly evolving to suit the latest trends. While chunky jewellery has had its time to shine, often people are opting for dainty small pieces of jewellery in order to allow them to have multiple earrings. A stacked lobe features multiple lobe piercings that are often placed much closer together than the traditional positions for second and third lobe piercings.

What is a stacked lobe? What is ear stacking?

A stacked lobe refers to a set of curated earrings that are placed on the lobe. The lobe piercings are either placed in a standard line or in constellations such as triangles or in vertical alignment. Multiple lobe piercings are needed to achieve ear stacking.

Do stacked lobe piercings hurt?

Lobe piercings are placed through soft flesh which means you should experience a very low amount of pain. On a scale of most painful to least painful piercings, lobe piercings are usually ranked among the least painful piercings. If you are having an upper lobe piercing you should experience a similar amount of pain to the first lobe piercing placement. The quick pain during the piercing is likely to be replaced by a slight dull ache or throb for a day or two after getting your new piercing.

How long does a stacked lobe piercing take to heal?

A lobe piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal but it may need longer to ensure it is completely healed. If you are getting a stacked lobe piercing, it may take longer to heal your multiple ear piercings. The stacked lobe piercing healing time will vary depending on how you decide to have your piercings. Your piercer may recommend having one or two piercings at a time and allowing them to heal before adding more lobe piercings to complete your stack. With lobe stacking, patience will be rewarded when you get to the end result and have successfully healed all your lobe piercings.

If you are opting to get multiple piercings in one sitting there are several factors to consider. Firstly, which side do you sleep on? Putting extra pressure on fresh piercings by sleeping on them may cause problems during healing or may cause your piercings to take longer to heal. Secondly, piercings tend to swell up when they are fresh. This is a completely natural response from your body but may be made worse by having multiple earrings on the same ear in one sitting. Your piercer may recommend wearing longer piercing bars initially to allow for this swelling or may advise you to take your time and come back another day for your next set of lobe piercings. Our expert piercers have your best interests in mind when they make recommendations and know what it takes to successfully heal a piercing.

Can you get 3 lobe piercings at once?

Our piercers will allow you to get 3 lobe piercings at once but it is possible they will advise you that it is better for you to wait before getting all three piercings. You may want to discuss factors such as your body’s natural healing ability, whether you have successfully healed piercings in the past and how much they swelled when you had them done. All these factors are important to consider and patience can pay off with piercings. Your piercer is likely to offer you longer piercing bars to allow for the extra swelling or you and the piercer may ultimately decide that having one pair of lobe piercings done at a time is best.

Triple piercings are becoming increasingly popular and we know how much you want to see the finished result of your curated ear piercing but if you are planning to have a piercing for the rest of your life, waiting a few weeks or months in between each sitting is a small compromise to make.

How do you start an ear stack?

While the ultimate goal is to have a multi ear piercing, an ear stack starts with a simple single lobe piercing. If you are planning to create an ear stack, make sure you have a design planned out so that you can discuss the perfect placement for your new lobe earrings with your piercer.

The stacked lobe piercing price will vary depending on how many lobe piercings you intend to have. Each piercing or set of piercings will be charged as either a single or pair of lobe piercings for any placement on the lobe.

There are many types of earrings stack sets that you can see from our examples of the different arrangements of ear lobe piercings you could try. Some of the designs include:

  • Stacked Lobe Triangle Piercing: Placing three lobe piercings in a triangle shape; this design is super cute for wearing with matching jewellery and small dainty pieces. 
  • Vertical Stacked Lobe Piercing: Placing your next lobe piercing directly above your current piercing creates a vertical line that looks awesome when worn with a stud and a hoop. 
  • Alternate Stacked Lobe Piercing: Placing your next lobe piercing above your current earrings, in the gap between your first and second holes creates a super pleasing line to your earrings. This is another style that is popular to wear with a combination of rings and studs.

Other types of lobe piercings for your curated ear

  • Orbital Lobe Piercing 
  • Stretched Ear Piercing 
  • Double Ear Piercing 
  • Triple Ear Piercing 
  • Quadruple Ear Piercing

If you have an idea for your earring stack, come into the store to talk to one of our piercers. While there are some factors to consider with earring placements, there are many combinations of lobe piercings you could try depending on your anatomy.

While it may take some time to work up to full ear stacks, it all starts with getting your first lobe piercing. Creativity is back at the heart of recent piercing trends which has opened up so many new lobe piercing placements for you to try. If you are nervous about having cartilage ear piercings but would like to try multiple earrings or a constellation, lobe stacking is a great way to enjoy piercings without long healing times and with the least amount of pain.