Urban Junk Backpacks: Bringing Sexy Back… To Our Backs!

Urban Junk challenges the status quo of typical accessories. They breathe life, colour and soul into backpack designs, using cultural influences from far and wide to impress crowds all over. Here at Blue Banana, we put our bags down and took time out of the classroom to catch up with this alluring backpack brand.

Urban Junk French Fries Backpack

Urban Junk French Fries Backpack

With your backpacks reflecting all sorts of designs is there a leading inspiration and do you source independent artists to contribute?

“Urban Junk UK wanted to put the ‘fun’ back into backpacks and our designs reflect that. Our inspiration comes from popular culture, looking at what trends are out there but at the same time creating trends with our own quirky designs – some being retro, urban life, cute, innovative – such as Fly High Junky and Fly High Junky 2 which are backpacks with wings that come out in June 2014. As far as contributors go all the designs are done in-house by us but we would love the opportunity to work with other artists in the future!”

Do you cater for a particular audience?

“When we launched the company last year our target market was teenagers but as we started selling we noticed the backpacks were being picked up by all kinds of retailers. We think it’s down to the wide range of designs that we offer, allowing each retailer to pick the designs that best suits their market, so to answer this question our target audience has broadened, everything from school kids to a 20+ age range buy our backpacks.”

Why backpacks? Did you feel that bag and backpack designs needed a revamp? If so, what do you bring to the table?

“Definitely, as mentioned previously the fun had been taken out of the backpack. When we conducted our market research in the early days, a member of our team would stand outside the local secondary school watching to see what the kids were carrying their books in, most of them had black, navy and dark coloured backpacks. Other than this being very boring it probably wasn’t reflective of their individual personalities. So with this Urban Junk have created a range of backpacks that not only stand out but for every person that has a UJ backpack we believe tells a little story about their personality. You may be too shy to wear something loud but not too shy to carry the backpack!”

Do you refer to a certain check list or ethos when you’re deciding whether or not to include something to the Urban Junk range?

“We try to get a theme going so the last collection we brought out was the ‘Urban Junk Food’ range. It’s all about fun, quirky and cool and that’s our ethos!”

What is Urban Junks’ proudest product, range or project so far?Urban Junk Backpack

“We would have to say the new backpacks coming out in June, Fly High Junky and Fly High Junky 2, both of these are backpacks with wings. Jiggy and Spray Alley are our 3D backpacks; we have used a different embossed fabric on the 3D collection which we regard as really cool and innovative.”

If Urban Junk could feature any design or reference which is yet to appear on their bags, what would it be and why?

“Good question! There are lots of designs that we would love to feature on our backpacks but perhaps getting a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton to license their logo for us to funk it up for the younger generation. It’ll be a great way to let them have a slice of the designer look for a high street price!”

What does Urban Junk have planned in the coming spring / summer months?

“To sell lots of backpacks and keep building the brand!”

Any last words?

“Watch this space! Urban Junk are coming out with new ranges for next year, including a really wild animal backpack range!”

Like Urban Junk?

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