Our Top Scary Movies For Halloween 2017!

Now that summer is well and truly finished, there’s no need to get glum! Sit back and get prepared for the next big event that we’re all dying to dress up for; Halloween. With the update of all our new Halloween costumes and accessories, we cannot wait! So, if you’re looking to get inspired with some terrifying fancy dress ideas or just love your fix of morbid movies; sit back and read our top scary movies for Halloween 2017!

The Best Horror Movies To Terrify Your Friends & Family

Over the years you’ll always be told what scary movies to watch to watch by your friends and family; but somehow you always end up seeing a downright terrible movie that instead leaving you spooked and unneavered you’ll find yourself giggling for dead life. So in order to give you the spookiest Halloween without a moments rest from being spooked; check out our top scary movies for Halloween this year!

In order to give you a truly comprehensive list, we’ve created a list of the top 5 best horror films that are released and ready to watch now and our top 5 best scary Halloween movies to come in 2017!


If you’ve been looking for the top movies for Halloween, take notes. Looking for Halloween costume ideas? Then don’t forget to check out our new in section here!

In no particular order and without further ado, prepare yourselves for our favourite movies to watch.

1. Halloween

By now, if you don’t know how Michael Myers is, you’ve clearly not seen one of the best horror movies out there! This classic horror movie filmed in 1963 is a definite must see! And with a seven sequels and a reboot; it’s clear that this is a definite top scary movie for Halloween 2017.

2. Jeepers Creepers

If you’ve been looking for that exact movie that’s going to keep you up all night and haunt dreams for eternity, watch Jeepers Creepers. These movie hit critical acclaim when it was first release in 2001 and has since then recieved a sequel (Jeepers Creepers 2) and a third currently in the works.

3.The Grudge

If you’ve watched the occasional horror movie, you would have been sure to come across The Grudge. This movie incorporates the use haunted houses, creepy cursed girl and an unfortunate vulnerable family. Just watch it and see for yourselves why it’s a Halloween movie classic.

4. Insideous

If you love your Halloween films to be full of poltergeists and evil entities, you’ll love insidious. Check out this classic before Insideous 4 finally arrives next year!

5. Conjuring

Another spooky tale for lovers of poltergeists. This movie shows how the Perrons family are slowly being tormented by a super natural pressence in their farmhouse. This then escalates further and further to keep you gripped to the edge of your seat. Definitely worthy of a scary movies for Halloween 2017!

Now it’s time to kick off our top scary Halloween movies to watch in the upcoming year!

6. Happy Death Day

Who’s just started university or the next school term? How about Happy Death Day? This horror movie 2017 is all about a murdered college student that has to relive her death over and over in order to find her killers identity. check out the trailer below:

Release Date: Friday 13th October 2017

7. Jigsaw

Missing the creepy Jigsaw doll? Then you’ll be please to know that you’ll be getting a new Saw movie this year under the name ‘Jigsaw’. We’re sure it’s going to packed full of guts and gore, but thankfully the trailer isn’t:

Release Date: 27th October 2017

8. Leatherface

When the original 1974 release being originally banned in the UK, any kind of reboot is clearly going to have a long lasting reputation. But with the newer films getting increasingly more violent, we’re sure this new reboot will have a screaming for dear life.

Release Date: 20th Octobver 2017

9. IT

Those with phobias of clowns may want to give this Stephen King classic a miss. Otherwise you’re going to have to deal with a terrifying killer clown hunting down children. Check out the highly anticipated trailer below:

Release Date: 8th September 2017

10. Chucky 7

Anyone remember the classic prequels? These films need know introductions. You may think that a doll isn’t scary. But would you want a murdering doll breaking into your house in the middle of the night?

Release Date: TBC 2017

A pretty good line up to keep you spooked up until the big day on 31st October! Let us know what you think and any that we’ve missed through out Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Written By Oliver Jenkins