Baseball Tee Shirts to Make You Laugh: New Cosmic Clothing Range

Here at Blue Banana we are enjoying the new range of Cosmic clothing and love their Baseball Tee style influence. If you are looking for a fresh new top you have come to the right place.

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you wear a new piece of clothing in public for the first time. With Cosmic clothing the humour and style will give you that first time out feeling every time.

Wonder Woman Spinning

When you try on your new outfit

These styles are especially great if you like cute designs but prefer a fitted Tee shape. Get ready to go on a Cosmic journey through our brand new clothing range. Blue Banana is here to help you release your inner geek. The Cosmic Clothing range includes long sleeve tops, T Shirts, crop tops, vest tops and lanyards. Today we want to talk about the baseball tee style long sleeve tops and crops.


Get a Home Run in the Cosmic Clothing Baseball Tees


Cosmic Poison Apple Raglan Top

Do others find it hard to believe you are trying to be a good girl? Well with our Cosmic Poison Apple Raglan Top in black you can do some explaining. With a poison apple graphic on the back and the ‘Pretty Good At Bad Decisions’ slogan you can show everyone you really are trying hard. Featuring white sleeves and a black torso, this baseball tee style top has a flattering fitted shape while also being a fun piece to own. If you love to make people chuckle this is a great choice.

Cosmic In Training Raglan Top

Are you about to go out on your next big adventure? Then be prepared with the Cosmic In Training Raglan top in black. With outer space themed cosmic sleeves and a solid black coloured torso, this top will look stylish day and night. Featuring a cute pop culture design we know you will just love the heart graphic.

Cosmic Hardcore Unicorn Multicoloured Top

If you aren’t a girly girl and love the comfort of a baseball tee, this Unicorn top could still be for you. Tomboys can love unicorns too! This hardcore unicorn is not to be messed with and the vintage tattoo design style behind the graphic will make this baseball tee universally wearable. Careful, if you look into the unicorns eyes you may not be able to look away.


Top of the Crops with a Baseball Tee Twist


Cosmic Air Head White Cropped T Shirt

Top crops are in shops everywhere and are only continuing to rise in popularity but if you are fed up of the cutesy denotations of a crop tee then this might be the crop top you have been searching for. With a ‘Dumb is Not Cute’ slogan, this Cosmic Air Head Women’s White Cropped T shirt design sticks with a baseball tee themed style. With grey hems and short sleeves this crop top leaves you free to be active and enjoy your day while also giving a great shape. This fairytale style tee only reveals its true colours when you read it and means you know that those who have read it are in on the joke.

Cosmic Non Committal Cropped T shirt

Not ready for big feelings? Surrounded by too much passion? Let the world know what you think of your ‘someone special’ with the Cosmic Non-Committal Cropped T Shirt. There is another way of reading the slogan on this shirt. Project the message ‘You’re Alright’ to let randomers know that everything is OK. If someone is feeling down, seeing your shirt may just help to brighten their day.

Cosmic Off Duty Cropped T Shirt in Blue

This cropped top continues the baseball tee theme with white hems and a solid bright blue torso. If you are secretly disguising a fish tail and are just sporting human legs for a day then this ‘Mermaid Off Duty’ slogan crop tee will let the world know you really live a fabulous alternative life. This fun crop top has a gorgeous blue seashell splashed across the chest to add to the underwater theme.

Crops and Tops at the Ready

What do you think of our new range of Cosmic clothing? Does it tickle your fancy and have you chuckling to yourself. If you love this kind of humour then Cosmic clothing is the brand to follow on Blue Banana. We would love to see you modelling some of these fun baseball tees.

I know we said this was tops and crops only but we have one last little surprise for you. Finally, make passers by laugh at you, in a good way, with this Prickly Black Tank Top, combining the trend for adorable cacti with a very punny joke.

Cartoon Cactus Prickly Tank Top

Prickly Tank Top

So there you  have it, a taster of Cosmic clothing’s quirky range. We hope the humour keeps on coming. Share the joke with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and let us know if you chose any of today’s clothing picks.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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