New Hex Bombs Bath Bombs At Blue Banana

Ever since this awesome gothic bath bomb emerged onto the market Blue Banana has been in love. The alternative colours, adorable mini soaps and extra glitter make Hex Bombs bath bombs a cut above the rest. Whether you have always fancied a bath as black as the night or want to soak in a gory blood red colour, we know you will love the combo of fresh, delicious fragrances and vibrant colours. 

A question we are often asked is ‘will these bath bombs stain my bath?’ They have such bold colours it is easy to see why you may think they would but these have been tried and tested by our Blue Banana affiliates and we can confidently say they don’t leave a mark. Just check out Purrpale’s review of the Hex Bomb Nether

Our New Hex Bomb Range

 A selection of new fabulous fizzers has arrived at Blue Banana and our office smells wonderful! With floral scents, the new bath bombs are sure to make bath time even more relaxing. These Goth bath bombs feature the same gorgeously intense colours with an added dash of glitter.

Our top pick from our new collection has to be Hex Bomb Morrighan. This devilishly dark bath bomb features the same eerie blood red as Hex Bomb Bathory but is infused with a dark black shade creating a lava style effect. If you have tried the blood bath bomb and want to go to the next step this is the one for you. It has a sweet cherry amaretto scent and raven skull mini soap. 

The Persephone Hex Bomb is a lighter shade of purple than Hex Bomb Nightmare. In fact, it is closer to pink so if you fancy treating yourself to a lighter shade than the usual dark gothic bath bombs then this is the one for you. It also has a gorgeous lily of the valley scent and tombstone mini soap. 

If you fancy relaxing in a swirling pool of seductive colours then the new green and black bath bomb, Invoke is sure to take your fancy. This forest green fizzer is infused with glitter and creates a magical mix of white, green and black froth. Release a patchouli rose scent and enjoy the witches finger mini soap. 

The final bath bomb in our brand new collection is Hex Bomb Sacred. This is perfect for those who love fantasy and mystical themes. The pale blue glitter and white froth will create a magical pool in your bath tub. The coffin mini soap and rose geranium scent is sure to help you feel like you are at a spa. 

Gothic Bath Bombs UK 

Don’t forget you can also browse our other Hex Bombs! If you are looking for the classic black bath bomb then check out the Hex Bomb Macabre. Fancy something a little more bright and bubbly? You will need your sunglasses for the sunshine yellow of the Hex Bomb Visions. With more and more colours to browse, we bet you can’t wait to try these out. 

Blue Banana is becoming one of the most popular UK retailers of Hex Bombs. We hand pick the best colours and fragrances to bring you the top bath bombs. Be sure to head online and check out Hex Bomb reviews to see these fun fizzers in action. You can’t beat this original gothic bath bomb. 

Take a look at what blogger, ‘Alternatively Speaking’ thought of the Hex Bomb. She wants to try out Hexbomb Hellfury next. We would love to know which Hex Bombs bath bombs you would add to your wishlist or if you have already tried any of these awesome bath fizzers. Head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to join in the discussion!

Written By Amy McEvoy

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