We Talk Fashion Influences And Blog Writing With Heartshapedbones

This week we were lucky enough to chat with Jessica who is the creator of the Heartshapedbones blog! We got the low-down on her style influences and everything there is to know about being a fashion blogger. If you are searching for writing inspiration then Jessica is on hand with advice!

If you have never read Heartshapedbones before and are looking for a new blogger to follow then this is how Jessica describes her blog

I'd describe Heartshapedbones as an alternative personal style blog, but full of witchy goodness and rambles of a mad proud weirdo. I used to just stick to fashion content but as my blogs grew more and more I've found it so fun to write about other things too like my lifestyle, products, travelling etc, but I'll always stick to my roots with fashion blogging.

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We asked the question that you all secretly want to know the answer to; How long does it take you to pick out an outfit for a photoshoot?

Days usually, but the best looks that turn out good on camera are the ones I just throw together when I have time to fit in another shoot before I need to crack on with other stuff! Sometimes I'll be thinking about what outfit I can put together for a week ready to shoot on the weekend, other times it's on the spot and I love those photographs better. I'm quite indecisive so I can love an idea in my head but then cry when I put the outfit actually on.

It isnt very often that you can hit on your perfect style straight away, so this question is for those of you who are still looking for your perfect outfit - How did you develop your fashion style? Was there a moment of discovery for you?

I feel like the beginning of my style started to develop really young, in school I was always that black sheep that experimented a little more than everyone with their style. In college I started to shop more second hand, having fun with my clothing and thats how I found that I loved unique different items. I started wearing more alternative items when I really found my style of music and art, friends, boyfriends. The independence of university really helped too because I felt like with being an adult I could do whatever I wanted including my wardrobe. My discovery moment was definitely wearing matching black frilly dresses with my best friend in the heat of summer thinking 'yep this is us' just two weirdos and I loved it.

It sounds like Jessicas best friend is a great fashion companion! We wanted to know who/what influences your style?

I think the fun thing about being a fashion blogger is you get inspired by so many things and people - all of the alternative bloggers I surround myself with inspire me every day, but then I have my bigger fashion icons like Dita Von Teese, bands like Haim. It really depends on the mood I'm feeling when I wake up, I could want to be hardcore goth that day, spooky, grunge, or completely normal with some mom jeans and a band top. I love clothing thats a little retro at the moment, so I'm finding big inspiration in eras like the 60's and 70's! It's nice to then give it my own little style with leather jackets, big boots and dark makeup!

Heartshapedbones: Blue Banana Top 5

While Jessicas original answer was Can I say everything?, she did manage to narrow it down to a list of 5!

We are asking all our favourite bloggers this question because we know there are plenty of you out there who would love to get into writing. Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own fashion blog?

I'd say invest a lot of time in your blog from the beginning and it'll definitely take off quicker. Get a good template, good photography, write whats in your heart and what you love and never think about numbers - just do it for fun! Networking makes up a lot of blogging so dive in from the second you start, but just have fun and keep your blog unique and you. You want your blog to be you and not the same as every other fashion blogger in the UK.

Here at Blue Banana, we are absolutely in love with the style of Heartshapedbones. If you are feeling inspired by her styles why not check out her Instagram and Twitter too! If you would like to get Jessicas look then check out the products below. We have added a few similar products to help get your creative juices flowing!

Written By Amy McEvoy