Halloween Costumes The Low Down

Updated: This blog was originally published on 21/10/15

It’s the final countdown to fright night and so, before the pumpkin drops for All Hallows Eve, make sure you are ready with your spooktastic fancy dress!

We know that school/work/life can get in the way of the all important costume decision making and many of you will still be debating what’ll win you best dressed. With this in mind and with just over a week to go, here is our guide to the best traditional fancy dress, from witches to creepy nuns, because a dead cheerleader never won first place!


hocus pocus

Imagine it is 1692 in a small village known as Salem, Massachusetts. A group of young girls are claimed be dastardly witches. In those days, ‘witches’ were far from The Charmed Ones, they were the pariahs of society. The portrayal of witches has evolved over the years to become an integral part of the Halloween season and something we have come to adore! From Hocus Pocus to Maleficent, witches have become a mainstay in the world of Hollywood- warts and all!



Nothing epitomises the classic witchcraft look more than a pointed black hat, cobwebs and some playful mischief!  Get the magical look with spell binding Halloween Wicked Spell Caster Fancy Dress Costume, complete with cobweb trim, you’re half way there. Go all out Wicked Witch of the East with a pair of black and white Pamela Mann Twickers Tights, team these with the Irregular Choice Mal E Shoes– the little red shoes will make you come over all Oz- just make sure not to be flattened by a house!

Wicked Witch of the East

Add a sprinkling of magical dust around those peepers of yours with Manic Panic Micro Glitter Jewels in Silver Stardust. The shimmering sparkles will give you a mystical allure that Elphaba herself will envy!


Scary nun

Whether it’s their uniformity, their solitude or the fact that they are the person you least suspect to be the murderer in movies: nuns can be waaaaay creepy! As the brides of Christ, they stand everything pure in the world but their matronly manner can sometimes take a dark turn. This juxtaposition has lead to characters such as Sister Jude in American Horror Story: Asylum and she’s plain mean! Some films even portray them with demonic tendencies; giving an extra spooky twist to this simple costume.

With a wide selection of costumes on the Blue Banana website you will be sure to find the right mother superior outfit for your Halloween shindig!

Come over all traditional with Nun Fancy Dress Costume in Black; or maybe a something a little more seductive would suit you better? The Sexy Nun Fancy Dress Costume is perfect for adding a cheeky twist to the nun’s habit! Team with Stargazer Liquid Foundation in white painted over your face for a ‘better than dead’ visage.

For those after something with extra je ne sais quoi, opt for Spirit Sister Nun Fancy Dress in grey, this special number comes with spiked edging that’s perfect for showcasing your spiky personality.





orange prison outfit

Ok, so we aren’t condoning illegal behaviour, but an old school prisoner costume is not only iconic for Halloween but probably the comfiest of all the fancy dress out there! Feeling bloated? Go for a loose fitting shirt and pants. Want to add some pizazz? Stripes are very flattering darling! Prisoner Striped Fancy Dress Costume is the epitome of felon outfits! Get creative with a friend or two, by dressing as cops and robbers! The WPC Sexy 6 Piece Fancy Dress Costume is a great accompaniment to the classic prisoner look.

For badass gear you’ll wear all year round, our Banned Alcatraz tops will leave people quaking in their boots. No one would dare mess with an orange clad villain! The long-closed prison was reserved for only the deadliest of inmates and famous for claiming it was inescapable, a theory tested my numerous notorious inmates. If you’re looking to channel the escaped convict look, you can pick from either the Alcatraz Hoodie or Alcatraz Shirt! (We recommend both being mid-winter!)



Whatever you go for, promise us it will be scary?! For more spooky makeovers take a look at our How To Guide: Sugar Skull Makeup, this handy little post is packed with amazing makeup ideas to give you the Day of The Dead look! For a more gruesome grin take a read of Get The Woochie Look This Halloween! A guide to the prosthetic giant behind the likes of Planet of the Apes!

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Written By BlueBanana