Get Warm With Our Coats and Jackets Range

Now the whether has suddenly changed from bright and sunny summer to cold damp autumn, you have to ask yourself; have you got yourself a fashionable coat and jacket in your wardrobe?

If you’ve any idea of what we sell at Blue Banana, you’ll know that if you’ve got a unique, niche or alternative style; you’ll find something to accommodate in one of our UK stores or our extensive website. Whether you’ve been looking for the latest and greatest Fashion coats for women or men’s casual jackets; we’ve got you completely covered! We’re guessing that if you’re here though, you’re looking for some much needed insight into what gorgeous new coats and jackets have just hit the market and how you can make sure your alternative fashion is looking top notch this Autumn and Winter.

So without further ado here’s how the cosy Autumn whether will do wonders for your wardrobe!

The Cutest Fashion Coats And Jackets Available!

When it comes to treating yourself to a new winter coat, you’ve got to get yourself something that really resonated with your unique style. But some of the most gorgeous and down right elegant coats and jackets you’ll be able to find are available within our Women’s Coats & Jacket’s section and within this, we feel that our Hell Bunny range really takes the cake! Why not take a look at the Hell Bunny Elvira Coat for instance? This exquisite garment features an amazing black vintage finish as well as soft faux fur sleeves, hood and hem line! Sound like your kind of coat? Then why not check it out here! Or take a look at our favourite Fashion Coats and Jackets below:

Don’t forget to take a closer look at our range of coats for ladies here, or why not have a look at our women’s jacket range bellow:

Gothic & Steampunk Winter Jackets For Ladies

Loving the style but looking for something more alternative, or maybe even a long overcoat for women? Then you’ll love the massive range of black gothic overcoats and steam punk jackets available on our website! One of our favourite items is the H & R Black Cord Coat which features a fine guage cord finish, beautiful corset lacing and a gorgeously gothic stud rivet finish!  Looking for something a little more extravagant for your wardrobe? Then check out our premium steampunk and gothic coats below:

Check out the full section here!

Winter Leather Jackets For Men & Women

What do you think so far? Is the selection diverse enough for you? If it isn’t already, it will be now. Not only do we stock you some of the best and stylish jackets and coats, but if you’re truly looking for that gothic flare, you’ll find it within our massive selection of leather jackets! Check out our Affliction and Spiral Direct sections here! As well as a few of our top picks below!


So there you have it! Thinking of picking yourself up an new coat soon? Let us know what you think through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins