Free UK Delivery On EVERYTHING Until 4pm Friday!

With the weather blowing ridiculous winds and torrential rain hammering the UK, we thought we’d make life a bit easier for our loyal shoppers. If you’re in the UK and you’re thinking about heading to one of stores then hold that thought, and bin it! Why? Because Blue Banana is now offering free delivery until 4pm on Friday.

PostmanA combination of the testing elements and our goodwill means that when you place an order within the UK before 4pm on Friday we will send it out for free!

Although Blue Banana embraces footfall within our stores we understand that travel fares are going up, odds are its raining, and your local town is looking pretty grey. With all this in mind you can purchase all goods for free from the serenity of your own home.

When we say ‘all goods’ we mean it; from alternative gothic t shirts, unique fashion accessories, dapper designer streetwear brands, official band merchandise and anything you can see on our website! Just order it as normal and the delivery will come free of charge.

The depressing and sombre attitude of February is being happily tackled by our one-off delivery deal. If you find yourself scouting the internet for new clothing or gifts then it only makes sense to consider this free delivery deal. This offer could really play into the hands of any unprepared love bird who is yet to sort out their Valentines gift – although we can’t guarantee you’ll receive it by Valentine’s Day (plan earlier next year!).

Perhaps you need some new wellies to combat that river dredging or a comfortable sweatshirt to keep you toasty in this bitter environment? Whatever the item, whatever the price – the delivery is free, as long as you order before 4pm on Friday!


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