The Freakin’ Freaky Halloween Costume Contest – The Essential Info

We at Blue Banana are very excited to announce an extra special new competition – The Freakin’ Freaky Halloween Costume Contest! We’re inviting everyone to send us their old Halloween costume pics to be entered into a gruesome pageant judged by the Blue Banana community.


The jackpot prize of this contest is a 100 gift code to spend on our online store. Four runners up will receive a goodie bag of Halloween essentials,  including white Edit contact lenses, Manic Panic hair dye, Stargazer make up,  Zombie badges and fake blood!

If that sounds freakishly awesome to you, then read on to find out all the essential info you’ll need to take home the top prize!


How Do I Enter?

Entering our Halloween contest is easy and can be done in a number of different ways.

1. Upload a photo to our Contest app on Facebook

2. Share a photo on both our Official Facebook and/or the Freakin’ Freaky Halloween Contest Page

3. Share a photo with our Official Instagram Account

4. Email it to


What Happens Next?

Your photo will be shared on both Facebook and our Halloween contest Board on Pinterest where the Blue Banana community will give their verdict via “likes”, shares, positive comments and pins. You can also share your own photo with friends to drum up support. How popular your Halloween fancy dress is with the BB fans will affect your chances at finishing in the top five!


facebook_profile_halloween_competition_20141003When Does The Contest End?

The contest officially closes on Friday the 24th of October at 11:45pm. Any entries made after this time will no longer be counted.


How Is A Winner Chosen?

Once the competition is closed we will select a shortlist of five of the best entries to the competition. These five will be chosen based on their quality, creepiness, originality and of course popularity with the Blue Banana fans.

The community will then vote to determine the overall winner, who will receive a 100 gift code. The other four runners up will each receive a Halloween Goodie Bag. Voting will be open until Monday the 27th of October.


What Are The Basic Rules?

– No photoshopped images! Any images that have been altered (filters are fine) will be immediately disqualified.

– No professional models. This is for the purposes of fairness, because models may have access to resources (such as expensive photography equipment, makeup and a legion of loyal minions) that regular entrants might not.

– No stealing! If you are not the owner of the image or fraudulently claim to be in it, you will be disqualified!

– Entrants to the contest caught being abusive to the entries of others will be disqualified.

– Any entries that are considered to be in poor taste or insensitive (racist, sexist, homophobic etc) will be disqualified.

Good luck to everybody who enters the contest and we look forward to seeing all the awesome entries over the coming weeks!

Blue Banana

Written By BlueBanana