Festival Fashion Essentials: Our 2016 Guide

Summer is approaching and that can only mean one thing: festival season! Whether you’re going to be rocking out at Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury, Download, or one of the other awesome festivals on offer, we’ve got all of the festival fashion essentials that you’ll need to get you through the season in style.

Here at Blue Banana, we’re proud to be one of the biggest festival retailers in the UK. Our massive range of band merchandise, festival fashion for all weathers and amazing accessories will ensure that not only will you be the envy of other festival goers, but that you won’t break the bank in the process!

Festival Fashion


So, you’re gonna be in a field for a few days. The weather forecast predicts that it’ll be warm and dry aaaaaalll weekend long. Naturally, you’re thinking “I don’t need wellies!”, but the first lesson of festival survival is…..ALWAYS PACK THE WELLIES! The Great British Summer is wildly unpredictable and the last thing you’ll want to experience is the gross sensation of stepping in squishy mud in a pair of flip flops…trust us. *SHUDDER*

We’ve got heaps of ace wellies available, from loud leopard print to punky pink and gothic spikes, all at pocket friendly prices. Perfect for any alternative fashion fan, you’re sure to find something to keep your feet dry and keep you looking awesome around the clock.


Y’know how when you were a kid your mum used to pack an extra outfit or two when you went on holiday? Your mum was a smart lady, extra threads are ALWAYS needed at a festival. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to pack 1 extra ensemble for each 2 days you’re away (So 3 looks for a 2 day festival, 7 looks for a 5 dayer) so that if you get puked on, rained on, super stinky or muddy, you’ll have some fresh clothes to put on. After all, there’s nothing worse than putting gross, filthy stuff on for a second day’s wear!

You may be wondering whether you should switch up your look for your festival experience, but we reckon you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! Style has no rules and festival fashion certainly doesn’t! Wear whatever you like and focus on having fun, that’s what it’s all about. There are so many styles to try out during festival season and you can really get creative and make your outfit as fun or obscure as you like. From the classic band t shirt and garish leggings combo for chillier weather to the shorts ‘n’ tanks that are perfect for warmer days, there’s a million and one ways to rock a laidback look!

Fancy trying something new? Looking for a theme to inspire your sartorial adventures? Then why not give these a whirl:

  • Rockabilly: Capri pants, pompadours and creepers are the order of the day for this look. Plus, creepers give all the height of heels without the discomfort. Win!
  • Day of the Dead: Skull motifs, lacy shawls and flower crowns are a great way to low-key channel this iconic style.
  • ’80s Hair Metal: Think spandex pants, headbands and muscle tanks! If it’s good enough for the Crue, it’s good enough for us!

Remember, a festival probably isn’t the best place to wear your skintight leather pants or a super heavy coat! You don’t want to be forced to carry something around or worse, make the pilgrimage from the stages back to your tent just to drop off your kit. Aim for several light layers in fabrics that don’t inhibit your movement too much.


When it comes to festival fashion, there’s no such thing as going over the top so why not go mad with accessories! From colourful false eyelashes, wacky contact lenses and everything else your heart desires! Plus, with a range of wicked head gear, we’ve got a little something for every taste.

If your tastes are a little more low-key, then you’re sure to love one of our rad festival wristbands!  You could choose one to honour one of the bands you are going to watch or opt for a wonderfully emo skull or studded design.

Grab an awesome backpack or bumbag to store your camera, hand sanitizer, sunglasses and other festival essentials. There are so many styles to choose from minimalist black to wacky galactic patterns.

Top it all off with some wicked head gear. From outrageous bucket hats to mad hats with ears or hair, we’ve got every option to keep your head cool or warm whilst looking great.

Of course there are many other options that we haven’t covered here. You may want to go in full fancy dress, for example. And you can be prepared for all weathers with everything from stylish shades to vibrant scarves and socks.

We love festival season because you can be as weird and wacky as you want with no limitations. Go wild and flaunt your festival fashion!

We hope you and your friends have a an unforgettable experience at the festivals you attend this year! Have fun and stay safe

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Written By BlueBanana