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Festival season is back, and whilst weíre all probably eager to get the partying started right away, you canít go to any festival without a certain few essentials. If youíre going to survive the experience, you need the right equipment! A few small things can make all the difference between the best weekend of your life or a vacation to hell on earth.

Hereís a festival checklist of everything any nave festival goer needs to make their experience absolutely perfect in every way!

1. A Tent

Festivals donít exactly provide luxury hotel accommodation, so youíre going to need a good tent to sleep in after the partying is over for the day. We recommend you choose a tent thatís easy to assemble, durable and has enough room for you and all your friends.Festival Crowd You may need some tent pegs too, to secure your tent in place so it isnít blown away by awesomeness (or the wind).

2. Sleeping Bags

Youíve got your tent but it needs a little extra home comfort. Sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses will provide all the comfort needed so you can get a good nightís rest. Youíre going to need plenty of Zís to have the energy to enjoy all the partying and music!

3. Wellies

Festivals are well known for being full of mud. Itís absolutely everywhere and if you donít wear sensible footwear it WILL ruin your good time. They might look silly but wellies are your best friend at a festival, especially if itís raining a lot. Luckily, there are a lot of stylish and unique wellington boots out there so you donít have to look like a lost farmer.

4. Hygiene Products

A word of warning, it gets pretty smelly at festivals. But there are ways to prevent yourself from stinking out the place. You can always try the classic wet wipe wash, which should allow you to clean the essential body parts that get the smelliest (you donít need us to tell where those are). Alternatively, portable showers are also a fine way to wash in a bathing suit. Donít forget your deodorant, and – we canít stress this enough – bring a toothbrush and toothpaste as well. Thereís no bigger buzz-kill than smelly breath!

Stock up on the essentials before you set off for that festival!

5. Coolers & Bags

Your festival essentials arenít going to carry themselves you know, so make sure you have the bags for the job. You need room for clothes, hygiene products and various other bits and bobs. A cooler bag is also highly recommended to keep your food fresh and your drinks ice cool.

6. Sun Cream

Although expecting sunshine in this country requires a stretch of the imagination, occasionally a rare sunbeam may poke its way through the clouds and burn you. But thereís one way to prevent unnecessary sunburns and the long term effects that can cause, and thatís by stocking up on some sunscreen. Use it – even when itís not that sunny. Your skin will thank you later.

7. Disposable Barbecues

Festival food from stalls is expensive, and eating uncooked food can be boring. So, whatís the solution? A disposable barbecue! They can be bought fairly cheaply and even novice chefs can cook up delicious food. At least with one of these bad boys your group of friends can have one decent meal for the duration of the festival. Just make sure you cook those burgers properly. If you must vomit, it may as well be from overexcitement rather than pink meat.

8. Rain Ponchos


You can pray all you want for sunshine, sods law states it will always rain when you go to a festival. So you may as well come prepared and bring a rain poncho. They might look stupid but for mere pennies they keep you perfectly dry. A soggy camper is not a happy one.

9. Condoms

Thereís no guarantee it will happen, but there may come a point where you hook up with someone and, in the words of Daft Punk, ďget luckyĒ. If this should happen, you need proper protection. Always stock plenty of condoms. They donít need to be fancy, just able to keep you safe. If you forget your johnnies you might end up leaving the festival with more than just happy memories. Always check that your condoms are in date before you use them too!

10. Water, Precious Water

Bringing water to a giant party in a field might seem lame, but you shouldnít underestimate the value of clean H2O. Dehydration is a serious issue when all youíre doing is lots of jumping around and replacing all your body fluids with alcohol. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated, which is especially important in sunny weather, and helps ease the pain of those awful hangovers. You can also use water for cleaning. Bringing water doesnít sound so bad now, does it? So stock up on some flasks and bottles of the precious life giving liquid like thereís no tomorrow!

Now you’ve read our checklist, you should be one step closer to being perfectly prepared for that festival. However, there’s much more you need to know before setting off, so make sure to read the rest of our ultimate festival guide. Don’t forget to stock up on those festival essentials either!

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