Fearless Vampire Killers In Store Band Signing!

If you’re a fan of the alternative rock band with a fondness for all things theatrical and even a little steampunk, then boy do we a have a treat for you! Fearless Vampire Killers are taking some time out from their tour supporting Black Veil Brides to pop into Blue Banana for an exclusive meet and greet band signing.

On Saturday October 11 at 4pm the boys will attending the Blue Banana Exeter store, giving fans the opportunity to have their merchandise, CDs, tickets and perhaps even body parts signed by the band. You’ll get to speak to the group members, ask them questions and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get a quick selfie too!



If you don’t want to miss out on meeting Fearless Vampire Killers, we highly recommend you get your ass over to the Exeter Blue Banana store as early as possible to beat the crowds and avoid disappointment!

For more details about this extra special in store signing, please head on over to our Facebook event page, which features all the essential information, discussion and updates about the event.


Why This In Store Signing Is Unmissable!

Fearless Vampire Killer fans will know why this event is unmissable, but for the uninitiated or those who need a little convincing, here’s a quick summary of what the band’s all about!

Name: Fearless Vampire Killers

Year Of Formation: 2008

Band Members: Laurence Beveridge (Vocals/Guitar), Kier Kemp (Vocals/Guitar), Drew Woolnough (Bass), Cyrus Barrone (Lead Guitar), Luke Illingworth (Drums)

Genre(s): Alternative, Gothic, Steampunk, Rock, Punk

The Fearless Vampire Killers, whose name is inspired by a Roman Polanksi film of the same name, are a British alternative rock band that writes music that straddles many different genres, including goth, pop rock and punk. They’re well known for being huge fans of steampunk, and like to dress with gothic Victorian style on stage and bring concepts of the genre to their songs.

The group currently have only one album out at the moment, their debut Militia Of The Lost, but a second titled Unbreakable Hearts is due out later in 2014 on November 3rd. Tracks from this new album have been teased on the band’s official website. Both albums are concept records with each and every track telling a story.

Fearless Vampire Killers have their own forum/social network called the Obsidian Bond which allows like minded fans to interact with each other, having discussions, sharing photos and making gig mates. The band also shares exclusive content here such as guitar tabs, videos, photos, sneak peeks and the creative writing of singer Laurence Beveridge.

Convinced yet? This band are on the rise and tipped to get even more popular with the release of their new album. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet them whilst you still can!

Heading to the Exeter Fearless Vampire Killers In Store Signing? Go prepared with some of our official Fearless Vampire Killers merchandise!


Written By BlueBanana