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Whichever hamlet, village, town or city you reside in you must have at least seen one piece of University clothing knocking about, whether it’s a gaggle of students outside their halls or a born and bred country soul proudly returning home outside of term time. Uni clothes are usually worn as a way to display your educational status as well as showcasing the place where you’re earning your independent stripes. However there is one University clothing brand that tops the pile, blows all the rest out of the water and continues providing top quality designer gear all year round – and that is UCLA.

California University

The University of California Los Angeles is perhaps regarded as America’s most notorious university. Priding itself on a historic sporting heritage and racking up staggering applicant statistics every year – UCLA became the most applied university in the world for autumn 2013. Yet away from the campus and competing against rival universities in basketball and American football, UCLA is also famous for its designer fashion line. UCLA clothing not only reflects the Universities sporting roots but it also boasts the sunny and stylish L.A lifestyle, a lifestyle and look that so many embrace, including celebrities wearing UCLA.

Celebrities That Wear UCLA Fashion

Although commonly worn by budding athletes as well as sports stars, the UCLA fashion brand manages to cross the barrier of high performance sports clothing and merges itself within designer apparel selections. Photographs of sporting stars such as Amir Khan and Christiano Ronaldo wearing UCLA has helped to keep up the UCLA bond with sports.

UCLA’s intention of making comfortable, durable and stylish clothes has clearly paid off with many sporting celebrities adopting smart and sophisticated UCLA designs.Ed Sheeran

UCLA fashion explores well outside of the sporting realm, just like Adidas or Nike, they aren’t only worn by sporty types who love to exercise and keep fit. UCLA is regarded as a unique fashion brand because it also accommodates clothing for people who wouldn’t touch sports with a barge pole. This can be demonstrated by other celebrities wearing UCLA fashion gear such as red headed singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran or One Direction’s Niall Horan, both of which have been ‘papped’ donning some sweet UCLA clothes.

Possibly the coolest UCLA clothing celebrity ambassador is Snoop Dogg. Cali born and raised, Snoop is often pictured wearing UCLA clothes. He’s from the area, he likes to look cool and his son is studying at the famous university, so it kind of makes sense.

Snoop Dogg has been pictured wearing some crisp UCLA jumpers and sweatshirts at personal gym sessions or when he’s supporting the university Bruins sports teams. For a legendary hip hop artist of his calibre to be wearing UCLA – you know it sets the benchmark for others to follow.

Why Wear UCLA Gear?

Some people may say ‘Why wear UCLA when you don’t even go to the university’, but they’re just haters, that question can be applied to almost anything. ‘Why do people wear Superdry which is a British brand that uses Japanese Art mixed with some sort of American car culture vibe?’ or ‘I saw a woman wearing a t shirt with a picture of the moon on it, but I doubt she’s ever been there’. 

People love to associate themselves with styles and references that they’ve never personally encountered before. Besides, UCLA is a lot more than some woolly brand that’s been plucked out of thin air, it’s modelled on the university’s achievements and sporting culture, and remains able to churn out top quality designer sports gear that keeps people warm, comfortable and looking smart. Even Leonardo DiCaprio wears UCLA clothes and he’s no fluffy wannabe.

UCLA Colin Hoodie

UCLA Colin Hoodie

It’s amazing to think that a University that is miles away from the majority of us has had such a big impact on our popular fashion and culture. As long as UCLA retain their special blend between sports and designer styles, as well as continuing to make tough, thick yet soft and comfortable clothing, all walks of life will keep buying from the brand, including UCLA celebrities. We should salute the UCLA fashion brand for bringing a pinch of Californian prestige to our doorsteps.

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