Brand Spanking New Monkee Genes Jeans

Listen up BB fans Monkee Genes have finally landed and we are incredibly pleased to unveil the range of jeans Blue Banana have in stock. With breathable slim fit to suck-your-stomach-in supa skinny jeans, this brand needs to exist in your fashion collection. Available in a large scope of colours, everyone’s individuality and personal style has been taken into account. As the leading company to produce Soil Association Agreed denim, this brand will stop at nothing to please its customers. For gals and guys, these products are sure to bring out your cheeky Monkey side. Kinder to the environment and longer lasting, Monkee Genes products are worth every single penny.

Uncover Your Cheeky Monkey Side

Wearers of Monkee Genes need to consider the responsibility they are putting into their own hands. Skinny Monkee Genes jeans aren’t just a piece of clothing; they’re fashion and will bring out your creative side. Whether you’re a scene kid at heart or you have your own style going on, slim fit Monkee Genes Supa skinny fit jeans in electric blue are perfect for showing off your figure. Even though these products are figure hugging, comfort and maneuverability are key to design. For throwing on a plain t shirt and a pair of canvas trainers on a casual day, we suggest the Monkee Genes bamboo skinny jeans for guys. Simplistic yet edgy, Monkee Genes are more than your average clothes brand.

Skinny Fit Monkee Genes

Get your legs in the Monkee Genes jeans, we promise you’ll wear them so often you’ll probably end up sleeping in them. Festival and party perfect, skinny Monkee Genes jeans are so versatile they’re ideal for any situation or occasion. Girls flaunt your sexy figure with the Monkee Genes white supa skinny jeans while guys reveal your chilled attitude with the Monkee Genes skinny fit jeans. Manufactured ethically to promote denim made fairly, this brand sets itself away from its competitors. Every single pair features super cool characteristics such as detailed stitching, a banana motif button and a changeable waist band to effortlessly alternate your style. So get fashion crazy and up-to-date with the affordable Monkee Genes.

Written By BlueBanana