Top 10 2016 Moments To Cure Those End Of Year Blues

It’s fair to say that this year may have been a bit of a bummer with plenty of unpopular 2016 moments. Between Trump, Brexit and the death of Harambe, it may feel as though not much has gone right for us this year. But fear not! Here we have compiled some of the best 2016 moments to hopefully help you remember the best moments of the past 12 months.

1. Britain Smashed the Rio Olympics

Top 2016 Moments To Cure the End Of Year Blues

If you’re ever feeling like 2016 was a huge waste of time then you can always remember the Rio 2016 Olympics. Some of the best 2016 moments came from the inspiring efforts of our Olympians and Paralympians who performed amazingly well. They broke the medal haul record with over 214 medals in total. Whether you remember Murray’s gold, Mo’s double-double or the women’s hockey gold there’s certainly some fond memories from Rio 2016.

2. Presidential Election Brought Us Trump Memes

Top 2016 Moments To Cure the End Of Year Blues

One of the most shocking and devastating 2016 moments saw Donald Trump elected as US President. Narrowly snatching the prize from Hillary Clinton, Trump will soon take office. Many fear his outlandish opinions and behaviour as well as his questionable beliefs. However, even in the face of adversity, no expense or time was spared in millions of Internet users creating some of the best political content to ever be seen. Despite the horror of the presidential election results – chin up! The world’s still turning and 4 years of Trump will mean a load more memes for us to sink our teeth into!

3. Heart-warming Highlights From The Internet

One of the highlights of viral videos is seeing the wonderful things that humans can do for each other. There are so many tear-jerking videos of famous celebrities dressing up to make children’s dreams come true. Whether it’s Johnny Depp rocking up as Captain Jack or Tom Holland as the new Spiderman, its videos such as these that remind you that everyone has a heart. Despite the horrors of 2016, we can still delight in the kindness of others. There have been plenty of wonderful moments of generosity and loveliness that can remind us that not all 2016 moments were downright depressing!

4. Downing Street Cat Nearly Became PM

Top 2016 Moments To Cure the End Of Year Blues

In post-Brexit Britain, the world was calling out for a paw-erful leader to lead us through the tough times ahead. Larry the Cat, once chief mouser of the cabinet received large support from Twitter users to become the next UK Prime Meowister. As the cat sat proudly in front of the door to No. 10, he eventually decided to step aside and gave Theresa May the position of PM.  This again shows Britain at its best. Even through the post-Brexit blues we can still joke and dream of having Larry the Cat take office!

5. Chewbacca Mom Made Us Smile

The rise in popularity of ‘Facebook live’ meant that Candace Payne had her time to shine. Her 2016 moment as ‘Chewbacca Mom’ received over 140 million views and 3 million views. The mask she wore in the video sold out across nearly all online retailers and Candace shot to fame. Her viral video showed us that it’s the simple joys in life that are most important. So don’t get down in the dumps thinking about 2016. You can always rely on Chewbacca Mom to help you crack a smile, especially while taking James Cordon to work!

6. Boaty McBoatface Was A Thing

Top 2016 Moments To Cure the End Of Year Blues

Brits were on top form when given the honoured responsibility of naming the NERC’s new polar research ship. One of the funniest 2016 moments showed ‘Boaty McBoatface’ to have topped the poll of chosen names. A whopping 124,109 pushed Boaty McBoatface to the top of the list. However, a clear lacking sense of humour from organisers meant the RRS David Attenborough was chosen instead. Sparking further public outrage, a petition was made for Sir David to change his name to Boaty McBoatface. We can report that the petition didn’t reap any furthers results.

7. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Was Introduced Into Our Lives

Love it or hate it, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen has been one of the biggest viral songs to come out of 2016! Penned by Japanese comedian Daimaou Koasaka, PPAP is annoying yet extremely catchy. It received over 95 million views on YouTube and was hailed as the new ‘Gangnam Style’. You can enjoy extended versions, parodies and even a game for your phone if you’re looking to keep the catchy 2016 moments going! If you’re after something a little more tuneful then why not check out of Top Albums of 2016 music blog?

8. Leo Won The Oscar!

Top 2016 Moments To Cure the End Of Year Blues

The world took a sigh of relief as Leonardo De Caprio finally won the Oscar for best actor. It has been anticipated for years and finally the world could sleep easy knowing that Leo has a gold statue on his mantelpiece. He bagged it after his standout performance in The Revenant fighting off stiff competition. It was a popular outcome that internet rewarded with plenty of joy, although considering how we will move on in a world where Leo-without-an-Oscar-memes are no longer relevant.

9. Sad Ben Affleck Was Sad

Films have been huge in 2016, here’s link to Blue Banana’s Top Films of 2016 if you’re interested! However one of the best 2016 moments had to be Ben Affleck’s reaction to poor reviews on the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice release. Dismayed at the poor reaction to the DC Comics blockbuster, the viral video shows Affleck sat next to Henry Caville staring forlornly into the distance. Although we are sympathetic, it did create a swarm of funny videos and parodies that we can always be thankful for!

10. Cat Videos Are Still The Best Thing On The Internet

If these funny, inspiring and heart-warming videos aren’t enough to cure the 2016 blues then you can live with the knowledge that cat videos still reign supreme.  Cats with cucumbers, cats with hats, cats sleeping and cat’s misbehaving there’s a video out there somewhere. So if you’re in need of a gold ole’ cheering up then we recommend a long session of cat videos to forget about those bad 2016 moments.

What were your best moments 2016? Do the good times outweigh the bad? Let us know what you think by finding us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here’s to a happy New Year and an even happier 2017!

Written By Sam Oliver