Keep ‘Em Tidy: Q&A With Bawbags Underwear

bawbags-headerEveryday underwear is often met with a ‘whatever’ attitude. We tend to plump for underwear that either looks attractive or a faded pair that offers the most comfort — but when Bawbags are involved, it’s a different story.

They manage to blend the hugging desirable comfort that helps us feel at ease with a colourful injection of juice and humour for great style and image. What’s more, they do brilliant work for cancer research campaigns, investing time and money into helping the world find innovative ways to reduce the risk of cancer. Intrigued by their talent, here at Blue Banana we dropped our pants and took some time out to catch up with the Bawbags team.

Bawbags Hero Boxers

Bawbags Hero Boxers

Bawbags underwear often uses elaborate and outlandish designs — what do you look for in terms of your prints?

“First and foremost, we pick designs we like and want to wear ourselves! Any given design might be the product of an idea or spark of inspiration, it could be a colour we like or just something we find funny.”

Due to Bawbags colourful character and the nature of your products, have you ever had a design that went a bit too far?

“On a whole we don’t feel like we’re limited by too much design-wise, so we haven’t pulled any products that we thought might offend or anything like that. Having said this, we have had to change the names of some styles in the past.”

Bawbags Guns And Bananas Boxer Shorts

Bawbags Guns And Bananas Boxer Shorts

Do you find it important to jazz up underwear or did you simply find a gap in the market?

“When we started the business we quickly became aware of the popularity of the ‘wilder’ prints, and we didn’t give a monkeys about who we may upset in the early days, plus life is definitely too short for boring boxers.”

Does Bawbags cater for a particular audience or try to reflect a specific culture?

“We have targeted ski, snowboard, BMX and skateboard areas specifically, and we now have an amazing group of sponsored athletes although we also like to support grass roots events as well. We look at all cultures from extreme sports to music. We are also an official supporter of the GB Freeski (skiers and snowboarders) at the Sochi Winter Olympics.”

orchidLogoHow do your products support the research of testicular and breast cancer?

“We donate to cancer research each year, last year we donated 5000 to Orchid and made a video called ‘Johns Happy Ending’ trying to raise awareness of the ‘check yourself out’ campaign. We have also been partners and sponsors to many events raising awareness in testicular cancer.”

Haven’t you got dogs involved too?

“Yes, this year we are also donating 5000 to Orchid and we have also paid Medical Detection Dogs 5000 to train a dog for ‘sniffing’ out cancer. We hope to follow this up with more dogs maybe sniffing out epilepsy or diabetes through our new print and charity called the ‘Dugs Baws’. Watch this space for more news on all of this as it’s exciting times for everyone involved.”

Bawbags Lips Briefs For Women

Bawbags Lips Briefs For Women

If Bawbags had the chance to produce any print what would it be?

“This is one that all of us involved will have a different answers to. I would like to do some punk inspired Bawbags underwear and t shirts.”

Do you have a proudest product, range or project?

“That’s a pretty hard one to pick; it tends to be what we’ve done most recently that we’re most excited about. At the moment it’s probably our base layers and the Cool De Sacs range (all year round products that work great in cold and heat) – but that’s not to say that we’re not still proud of the other stuff too!”

Are there any situations where wearing Bawbags underwear will be an advantage or disadvantage?

“Certainly not a disadvantage. In our experience you always succeed when you’ve got your Bawbags on!”

The Bawbags Crew

The Bawbags Crew

What can Bawbags offer people this coming spring / summer?

“Base layer in the TWAT fabri for all action based sports from BMX to running, football, climbing, walking and yoga – anytime you want to feel comfortable and not sticky with sweat. We’ve got more new prints like the ‘Dugs Baws’, ‘Get Wood’ and a new Scottish themed print for t shirts, as well as some more surprises.”

Any last words?

“Let’s keep it simple. Check yer baws, and keep ‘em tidy!”

With that in mind we checked our bits and went home thinking about what a lovely brand the guys at Bawbags have put together. Not only do they help to liven up our underwear selection, but they’re also helping the world towards a better future with their continuing support to cancer research.

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