Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup | March 2014

Welcome to Blue Banana’s monthly alternative fashion blog roundup for March 2014! For those not accustomed to what goes on here, each month we trawl the internet for some of the most interesting, unique and sometimes even weird blogs and articles all about the world of alternative fashion that we think you might enjoy reading.

This month we have a good mix of blogs to bring to you, with all sorts of topics such as Star Wars, 90’s fashion trends, alternative models and the heavy topic of just what to wear for P.E at school. We hope you enjoy these awesome posts!

Star Wars Inspires Debut Collection At NY Fashion Week by Kate Dodd at The Australian Chronicle

Star Wars Dresses
Star Wars hits the catwalk at New York Fashion Week

Usually fashion shows are quite boring, but not this one. Last month at New York Fashion Week there was a catwalk inspired by a galaxy far, far away. Models paraded on stage wearing fashionable clothing inspired by Star Wars, including Darth Vader sweaters, Yoda dresses and Death Star evening gowns. See, we knew all along that Star Wars was cool and fashionable!

Encyclopedia Of Alternative Fashion: Emo by Liberty Fox at Where Foxes Say Goodnight

This cool little post is one from new blogger Liberty Fox and her “Encyclopedia Of Alternative Fashion” series. This post focuses on a fashion style we at Blue Banana have always championed – emo! Liberty describes emo, what it means to be emo, how to dress emo and even what inspired emo (including a few sources many don’t expect). We think Miss Fox is cool and certainly deserves more followers than she currently has, so check out her fashion Encyclopedia at Where Foxes Say Goodnight.

5 Unlikely 90s Style Icons by Kate Lloyd at Grazia


Sometimes taking a look at retro fashion styles can be cringey, but surprisingly some of the least cool looks can redeem themselves and become cool once again after enough time has passed. That’s what this blog post on Grazia is all about and features 90s TV characters whose embarrassing styles have become hipster and fashionista inspirations. If you’ve ever wanted to dress like Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince, then this post has the style tips you need!

Of Goth P.E & “Is It Dark Enough?” by Jillian Venters (Lady Of The Manners) at Gothic Charm School

Need gothic fashion and lifestyle tips? Well, the Lady of The Manners at Gothic Charm School is here to teach all young goths what she knows! This lesson deals with what a young alternative person wears during P.E lessons in order to maintain their dark image and how dark should one dress to be an authentic goth. These answers and more are all available over on Jillian Venter’s (that’s The Lady Of The Manners non goth name!) awesome blog.

Alternative Models – Inspiring Individuals Part II by Amaranth at Fashion’s Alternative

Lady Amaranth

This post comes courtesy of alternative model Lady Amaranth and here she highlights some of the awesome models that have inspired her in the world of alternative fashion modelling. There’s a collection of truly stunning images to admire here and it makes you kind of jealous how beautiful the models are. This post proves that being alternative definitely does not equate to being ugly or weird!

Top 5 Dark Fashion Blogs by Elisa B at Style Bizarre 07/03/2014

Another quality post fromá one of Blue Banana’s favourite bloggers, Elisa B, this Style Bizarre entry highlights some of the darkest fashion blogs on the web we should all be reading (including us!). These blogs are all about proper hardcore goth and alternative fashion and not the passing casual goth trends that occasionally pop up in the mainstream. If it’s more blogs you need to read for fashion tips, then this post should be your starting point!

So, that’s that for another month of cool blogs! We hope you enjoyed reading about all of the posts this month and we look forward to seeing you again in a months time where hopefully there’ll be even better awesome blogs to highlight!

Are you a talented and undiscovered alternative fashion blogger looking for more viewers? Drop us a link in the comments below and it might feature it in our monthly blog roundup for April!

Written By BlueBanana