Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup: 9 December 2013

Welcome back once again to Blue Banana’s alternative fashion blog roundup of the week! If you don’t know by know, each week we scour high and low across the internet for unique fashion bloggers and informative articles all about the kind of styles we love at Blue Banana and give them a brief moment in the spotlight.

This week we’ve got another nice mixture of articles and blogs, from retro skater fashion, cyberpunk and heavy metal Christmas jumpers! If that sounds great to you (and why wouldn’t it?), then  read on!


Xmas jumpers now come in heavy metal varieties!

Heavy metal Christmas jumpers: A festive fashion trend for 2013? by Nick Mitchell at

Does your gran knit you a cheesy Christmas jumper every year that you can’t not wear because you’re afraid of upsetting her? Well tell her this year that you’ve already got a jumper for xmas, and it’s one of these awesome heavy metal sweaters! This post on highlights an awesome new trend that began with Slayer last year – festive heavy metal band Christmas jumpers. But Slayer is only just the start, bands like Metallica, Motorhead and Queens Of The Stone Age have also got in on the act. Although it might be cheesy still, wouldn’t you rather have an alternative jumper than one with reindeers and snowmen when tucking into turkey with the family?


Style File: Haute on the half-pipe by Rebecca Gonsalves at the Independent

This interesting post highlights something many of us will be happy to hear – 90’s slacker style becoming a big part of trendy fashion. Skater style clothing such as baggy sweaters, slip on shoes and sneakers are making their way onto the catwalks, which is certainly news to us. The article goes on to explain the reasons why the trendy fashionistas have taken a liking to 90’s skater style, including it’s casual nature, rebelliousness and authenticity. Its quite interesting and who knows, maybe it’ll mean more alternative styles will achieve crossover success?


Is The Internet The New Street? by Dean Kissick at Vice

This interesting article at hipster webzine Vice is all about how people’s fashion styles and growing trends have changed with the rise of the internet and social media. It talks about how the internet has created bizarre fashion subcultures and can turn self-styled social media persona into fashion gurus followers worship. It’s really quite fascinating, if a little pretentious, but we still recommend this article, purely to read about some the weird and wonderful fashion styles that have cropped up in the internet generation.


Cyberpunk And Its Many Sub Genres by Steff Green at Rebels Market

This cool post from the Rebels Market blog – a website for independent clothing sellers – highlights some of the more unique fashion styles many of us are well accustomed to. The main focus is on cyberpunk, the genre that blends science fiction inspired fashion of the future from films like Bladerunner, but also other cosplay looks such as steampunk and plenty of other styles we were barely aware of, including Biopunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Mythpunk and Decopunk. As well as highlighting these fascinating styles, it also offers advice on how to wear and recreate them. You can learn a lot from this informative post, and after reading it you can check out some of our own unique fashion accessories.


Zombies Wear Eyeliner blogger, Ali

Reflecting On Musical Idols by Zombies Wear Eyeliner

Zombies Wear Eyeliner is the brainchild of 21 year old Ali from Hampshire, and her blog is all about the kind of dark alternative fashion style we know Blue Banana fans love. However, this post is a slight break from posting about fashion  and talks about a serious topic. Recently in the news, Lost Prophets lead singer Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to horrific claims of child abuse, and Ali, like many fans of the band, felt  a strong emotional reaction to hearing about the awful things a man she once worshiped had done. She opens her heart in this post and I’m sure many will be able to relate to her. Although this post may not be about alternative fashion, her blog is still well worth checking out.



So that’s another week’s worth of awesome blogs to check out. We hope you enjoyed all of the posts and please stay tuned for even more interesting and wonderful blogs next week!

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