Alchemy Gothic Jewellery For The Ultimate Alternative Look!

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Spice up your alternative style with some Alchemy Gothic Jewellery!

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, Blue Banana stocks some of the best alternative and Gothic fashion you can get your hands on. From clothes to footwear, you can grab just about anything. But why stop there? We also stock a massive selection of Gothic jewellery and accessories. So whether you want to add some extra style to your already gorgeous wardrobe or maybe a gothic and or steampunk vibe to your house; you’ll find it all from the Blue Banana Website! But if this truly is the style you’re looking for, the must see brand for gothic and steam punk jewellery and accessories just has to be Alchemy Gothic!

With a massive variety of colours and styles, the alchemy gothic jewellery range really has something for everyone! If you love styles featuring mythical creatures such as dragons, you’ll find an array of different items to fit your unique look! Or maybe you’re looking for something more elegant to add to your style? Well you’ll definitely find it with the many floral and rose accessories available within our Alchemy Gothic range!

Don’t believe us? Check out some of the epic alternative fashion jewellery available with some of our top picks below!


Alchemy Gothic Jewellery Perfect For Alternative Styles

Although getting your ears pierced with us is a great way to add some extra jewellery to your look, you can’t take it to the next level without seeing these amazing piercing accessories offered through our extensive Alchemy Gothic catalogue! Check out these amazing alchemy gothic earrings and ear wraps to give you a devilishly elegant look and bring the stylish attention we all desire:

Have you picked up a one of our gorgeous alternative dresses recently? Why not pair it off with a gorgeous alchemy gothic necklace.  If you’re looking for something elegant to stylish to show off on your next big occasion then you have to see Alchemy Gothic Bacchanal Rose Pendant Necklace! Featuring a stunning black rose design and beautiful Swarovski crystals; this is a great addition to define any gothic look. Or maybe you fancy something a little more colourful? Check out a few more of our top picks below:

Alchemy Gothic Steampunk Gifts and Accessories

However, if you’re more into your steampunk fashion then fear not; we also have the Alchemy Gothic Steampunk collection on our website! For some of the craziest and beautiful Victorian and steam era steampunk accessories; you’ve come to the right place! We have a variety of classic Alchemy Gothic watches and pocket watches so you’ll be carrying around the pinnacle of steampunk fashion any time of day. As well as this we also stock gorgeous ornamental styled clocks. So if you’ve been struggling to find a way to add a steampunk vibe in your own home, don’t forget to check out the Alchemy Gothic Time Cronambulator Mantle Clock! Have a look at a few more of the classic cyber punk time pieces below:

On the subject of adding some style to your home, let’s not stop there. As well as Alchemy Gothic Jewellery and steampunk time pieces; the Alchemy Gothic range also accommodates a host of gifts to help bring some alternative class to your home. Check out the Alchemy Gothic Darwin’s Cerebrum Life-size Skull for instance. Not only does it have an amazing steampunk look perfect for the mantel piece; but it also features hidden drawers and compartments to hide your valuable possessions! Check it out and some similar other awesome Alchemy Gothic gifts below:

Alchemy Gothic Official Band Merchandise

But if you’re more into everything heavy metal and are after some top quality band merchandise accessories, you’ll also find it within the vast amount of Alchemy Gothic Bracelets we stock! If you’re a fan of classic bands such as Metallica, Motorhead and Slayer you’ll instantly fall in love with their logo wristbands! Whether it’s gothic or alternative fashion, these premium leather wristbands are perfect for any merch collection! Check them out here:

If you’ve been blown by any of these awesome alternative fashion accessories and gifts, don’t forget to visit the full Alchemy Gothic section here! We’ve got a massive range of styles and with some of accessories with up to 20% off!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins