Medical Daith Piercings for Migraines with Blue Banana

Blue Banana is delighted to be offering our new Medical Daith for Migraine service. We are working with Dr Chris Blatchley of the London Migraine Clinic, who has joined us as Medical Director in this first ever collaboration between piercers and doctors.

What Is It?

A Medical Daith Piercing is far more than just a cosmetic daith piercing. This is an enhanced daith piercing to ensure that the piercer locates the best piercing position.

The research published recently by Dr Blatchley found that 80% of patients had reported immediate improvement in their migraines. Furthermore, 40% reported their migraines were still greatly improved, or had stopped, 12 months later. You can read more about this research at

Over 85% of those coming in for a Medical Daith have visited their family doctor for their migraines, and found that the usual medical treatments have not worked. Many have even seen a hospital specialist a well.

We always recommend that anyone suffering from headaches should have the cause diagnosed by a doctor before having a Medical Daith.

How Much Does It Cost?

The standard price of a Medical Daith Piercing is £97.50 (subject to change).

Limited Time Offer - Get £20 Off A Medical Daith Piercing by arranging a call back below. You will be emailed the voucher directly.

Why is it more expensive than a cosmetic Daith Piercing?

A Medical Daith Piercing is far more than just a cosmetic piercing. It is a skilled procedure that takes extra time and training to carefully measure the optimum piercing position using a special protocol researched by Dr Blatchley.

The precise location on the ear varies from person to person, and if the wrong point is pierced the treatment does not work.
Unlike cosmetic piercings, appointments can last for 30 minutes (or more if necessary) to allow for the extra time to locate the correct position.

Where Can I Get One?

In a Blue Banana piercing studio near you! We're working on rolling out this Medical Daith migraine procedure across our Blue Banana piercing studios. Currently, the procedure is available at the stores listed below.

f you have any queries, you can either drop in to your local branch, or request a call-back through a link provided below. Choose the branch closest to you and a specially trained Medical Daith Piercer will phone you back. They can answer any questions you may have, and even arrange a suitable appointment in the branch.

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Are there age restrictions?

We are currently offering this piercing to anyone aged 13 or over. You may be required to bring photo-ID and will be required to answer the routine health questions we ask at Blue Banana.

How long does it take?

As this procedure is more specialist than an ordinary cosmetic daith piercing, it can take 30 minutes, or occasionally longer. The extra time allows for the piercer to take the additional steps to locate the optimum location for the piercing.

Is aftercare provided?

Blue Banana customers receive a complete guide to aftercare and will be given comprehensive aftercare instructions from the piercer.
We’ll get you to register online with London Migraine Clinic so that the LMC doctors can quickly and efficiently help you later if you were to need it. They will send you a comprehensive questionnaire about your migraines which will remain confidential and part of your medical record with LMC.

At your appointment, we will also ask you to join the year-long medical research follow-up study led by London Migraine Clinic. We hope that you will join in.

View Our Medical Daith Leaflet

You can download our Medical Daith Piercings for Migraines Leaflet to view online. These leaflet includes all the information about the piercing, the study and other FAQs.
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This new Medical Daith Piercing for Migraine service has been made possible due to the hard work of Dr Chris Blatchley and our highly-skilled Blue Banana piercers. 

Dr Chris has joined with Blue Banana, in a professional partnership that combines the best piercing skills from Blue Banana with the best medical knowledge from The London Migraine Clinic.

He has trained our piercers to use the Blatchley LMC Protocol to identify and mark the optimal location for piercing the Daith to help with migraine symptoms and assist prevention.

Dr Chris has found that about 40% of sufferers get an excellent response from a migraine daith piercing. In his recently published research that 80% of migraine sufferers reported an immediate improvement  after a Medical Daith. 12 months later, 40% were still reporting an excellent and long-lasting response, or that their migraines had stopped, even when they were so seriously disabled that they had failed several other medical treatments. Unfortunately, like all other migraine treatments, success is not guaranteed.

We're delighted to offer this state-of-the-art Medical Daith for Migraine treatment in our stores and look forward to being able to make it more readily available to all migraine sufferers.