Many believe that demons are evil spirits that were placed on earth to make someone’s life miserable! Although we hope it's not you, we wouldn’t mind letting your imagination go wild with our demon contact lenses. When you choose a life like lens from us, we want people to look into your eyes and feel the fear and evil that embraces everything demon. 

Cue the evil laugh, because our frightening demon contact lenses are here to stay. Use them for your upcoming Halloween party, haunted house, photo shoots, or every day if you dare. With durations ranging from one day to one year, for dark eyes or fair skin, we’ve got all of your lens needs covered

Get a Spooky Stare in Time for Halloween!

Are you ready for a fresh look? We have seen demon costumes before, but affordable lenses like these are going to amp up the scare factor. When people catch a glimpse of your UV reactive, mesh, black sclera, or full black eye contacts, they are going to scream their heads off! 

If you’ve decided it’s your time to spook your friends, we’re ready to give you some contact lens recommendations. For the complete possessed look, choose from some of our favourites like Manson White, Black Spiral, White UV, Red, Skull, or our flame-coloured contacts. 

Those suggestions are perfect for your casual, walk down the street and make people scream look. But if you really want to get people going, check out our scariest lenses of them all, Blind White and Blind Red. The blind effect covers your iris completely, making it appear as if your eyes have been taken over by another life form. Coincidently, that is exactly what the demon creatures plan to do! Okay, enough of the spooky stuff, let’s talk business! 

We love that you’re ready to embrace our scariest lenses; but, we want you to be safe while doing it. Before you fully commit to new contacts, it important that you’ve had an appointment with an eye doctor. A professional can provide you with the correct prescription (if necessary) and confirm that your eyes are healthy enough to wear our products. 

Most importantly, a professional can teach you how to properly provide care for all of your demon style contacts. We recommend washing your hands with hot water and soap, every time you touch your lenses. It is also important to: 

  • Remove lens products before entering water (swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, etc.)
  • Always utilise new contact solution every time you remove the lens from your eyes.
  • Properly clean your case.
  • Dispose of your contacts after their recommended duration has expired. 

Evil Looking Lenses at Devilishly Affordable Prices

Go ahead, check out other sites like Amazon and eBay, you won’t find demon inspired lenses that are priced this good! We work hard to provide affordable prices without sacrificing quality. 

Eyefusion is one of the leading brands we use to provide you with the spookiest looks on earth! So what are you waiting for? We have the cheapest lenses around. Go ahead; Take your demon look to the next level with our cosmetic prescription or non-prescription lenses. You won’t be sorry, muahahaha!