If you want to give yourself bright and refreshing look, green contact lenses are an ideal choice for you. These contacts come in a great choice of distinctive designs that are sure to give a surprising and mesmerizing appearance to your eyes. So no matter whether you are planning to wear them on Halloween, Cosplay or any other event, you are definitely going to stand out in the crowd. For those who are looking to wear them daily, there are natural green colour lenses for dark eyes too that look subtle and less dramatic.

Make Your Friends Green With Envy!

Well, who doesn’t want to look fabulous? So attractive that the others become jealous of you? Of course, everybody wants to look amazing. For those who can’t compromise with style, we have a range of different green contact lenses from bright green to cat eye and UV-reactive that will leave all your friends and enemies spellbound.

These non-prescription lenses for dark eyes are so versatile that you can actually match them with a wide range of different costumes. No matter what’s the natural colour of your eye, you can wear these lenses to complement your Halloween or Cosplay dress. The refreshing colours of these lenses make them an ideal contestant for Sci-Fi costumes, a classic black cat costume or lizard costume.

For reptile lovers, we have lizard eye coloured contact lenses that will give you freaky and spooky look. The green and yellow pigment with black fangs covers your pupil entirely, giving you a mysterious look like a lizard. For those who want to look more authentic, we have mystic green contact lenses. These lenses give your eye a bold hue, perfect for any occasion or daily wear.

Well, that’s not all! Just browse through our gallery and you’ll see multiple design options to choose from! Pick one that matches your personality and costume theme!

Super Affordable Designs

At Coloured Contacts, you will find a dazzling array of non-prescription bright green colour lenses that you can use aesthetically to enhance your looks or astonish your friends. These are not only funky and stylish, but are completely safe to use too. We sell the products from the best brands in the UK including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), Eyecasions and MesmerEyez. This means you can trust their quality and wear them anywhere, anytime and for several hours. To know exactly for how long you can wear contacts, you must consult your optician or optometrist. He will assess the health of your eyes and determine if you’re a suitable candidate to wear non-prescription contact lenses.

Our all the green contact lenses for dark eyes are quite affordable and available in 1-day use, 90-day reusable and 1-year reusable ranges as well. So whether you are looking for one day flirtation or planning to attend various events in the coming months, we have lenses with different durations to meet your all kinds of needs.

Well, there is more! For those last-minute planners, we offer an amazing option of next day delivery in the UK. Apart from that, you receive the professional support of our friendly customer care team that is always happy to help you with your queries!

So what are you waiting for! Just browse through our gallery and get a wonderful pair for yourself!