Fancy switching up your style? Want something with an edge? Then look no further than our range of black contact lenses! These fashionable contacts are a phenomenal way to finish off any outfit, whether that’s a fancy dress outfit or to add some boldness to your normal attire for a wild night out with your best friends.

Halloween and black lenses are a match made in heaven! This dark and spooky hue is perfect for bringing all manner of eerie costumes to life. Whether you're planning to bust out a sinister, demonic look, a classic ghost costume or even a freakish zombie ensemble, you can be sure to create an eye-catching look. If you fancy spooking out your fellow party-goers, then you're in the right place! With styles that include full eye sclera lenses, full black blind contacts and onyx colored lenses, there's a little something for every tastes here at Coloured Contacts. 

Black Contacts: The Simple Way to Take Your Look From Cute to Creepy in the Blink of an Eye! 

Black contact lenses aren't just for Halloween, they're great for plenty of other occasions too! Great for bringing a splash of cartoonish style to your Cosplay creation, we've got everything from anime style 'big eyes' lenses to regular black rimmed contacts, so you can get just the look you're aiming for. Plus, if you fancy creating a mysterious stare, you just can't go wrong with black contact lenses!

Contact lenses are our passion, so we've carefully assembled a huge selection of the freshest and funkiest designs on the market, exclusively from reputable brands. Our commitment to quality means that all of our lenses are produced in accordance to ISO guidelines and have been made from soft and comfortable materials that have been approved by the FDA. What's more, all of our lenses feature rich and bold colour pigments to ensure complete coverage, no matter what your original eye colour. So, if you've previously struggled to find lenses suitable for dark eyes, your search is over! 

Our unbeatable range of black contacts includes:

  • Full Sclera 
  • Mini Sclera
  • Mesh & Screen
  • Blind


So whether you’re looking for a complete transformation for Halloween, or if you fancy just upgrading your everyday look from average to extraordinary, you can be sure to find your ideal look here! 

Massive Selection of Freakishly Cool Styles at Affordable Prices! 

Whether you’re going to grab yourself a pair of the all black mini sclera contacts or a pair of wildly patterned lenses, you can purchase from us with complete confidence, knowing you're buying a safe, official and genuine product. As we only stock designs from big brands such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), you have the assurance of purchasing a reliable and quality product from a retailer with decades of experience and scores of satisfied customers. 

Need your lenses in a hurry? Then our super speedy next day delivery is sure to impress! Perfect for getting your lenses to you in a flash, you can always be party ready when you shop with Coloured Contacts!