Our Top 10 Disney Films Of All Time!

Who doesn’t love Disney?! Offering a fast and immersive escape from reality, there’s always room for Disney! With our pals over at Irregular Choice dishing out some Disney goodness with the latest sneak peak unveiling of their newest limited collection, we thought what better a time to celebrate this walk down memory lane than with a run-down of our Top 10 Disney Films Of All Time! In case you missed the latest unveiling of Irregular Choices’ upcoming collection, make sure you make a magical move on over to check it out for yourself on the Irregular Choice Blog!

We know that most childhood memories feature endless arguing over shared toys, the tv remote and quite often which Disney film to put on, but here at Blue Banana, we’re inviting you on a trip down memory lane with our Top 10 Disney Films Of All Time! Let’s kick this blog off with an absolute golden oldie! (P.S – Please remain calm, these films are not ranked in order of best to worse! #justsaying)

1. Fantasia and Fantasia 2000

With the original being released wayyyy back in 1940, this choice really is a true throwback! With a wicked musical inspired theme,  this 8-piece animated film is an absolute classic. Featuring the well-known scene between Mickey Mouse and his trustworthy broom, we are 100% certain this film will never get old! As with most things Disney, a successor was released in the form of Fantasia 2000. Consisting of similar animated segments alongside pieces of classic music, this made for Disney’s 38th animated feature film!

2. Tarzan

Worry not, we are talking about the original 1999 film here! Packed to the brim with amazing cinematography, hilarious characters and a lovable gorilla raised child/man, this classic is still an absolute crowd pleaser! Regardless of whom your favourite character may be, whether Kala, Terk or Tantor, there’s always an elephant/gorilla shaped hole in your life for this amazing film!

3. The Princess and The Frog

Albeit a more recent release from Disney, this absolute must-watch will have your heart melting as soon as it begins! Filled with a boisterous and vivacious amount of characters, this alternatively themed, New Orleans-based film is guaranteed to become a firm favourite! P.S If you didn’t shed a tear or show any sign of emotion in regards to Ray and Evangeline, what’s wrong with you?!

4. The Lion King

Did we hear a roar of excitement? Of course we did. Up there as one of the biggest and most popular Disney films of all time, Lion King is a film that’ll never, ever get old. Despite it’s numerous Timon and Pumbaa fuelled sequels, nothing quite beats kicking back and relaxing to the original. With an opening scene and musical soundtrack that nearly EVERYONE (if you don’t, then shame on you) recognises, this film deserves a firm space on your shelf.


5. Moana

Although not a classic, we can see exactly why the 2016 film Moana might well be in the future! With a simple yet colourful plotline, this stunning film is bursting with gorgeous cinematography and a soundtrack that’ll keep your toes tapping all day/night long! Bursting at the seams with a tonne of action and adventure, this family-friendly film is a must-watch!

6. Aladdin

Another absolute classic, there’s always room for Aladdin in your film-watching schedule! Released in 1992, this 25-year-old Disney Classic has still got us all kinds of excited! Boasting another catchy soundtrack and a lovable genie that’ll keep you laughing, we’re pretty certain everyone wanted a pet monkey called Abu at one stage in their life!

7. Mulan

If we could sum Mulan up in one word it would be… “revolutionary”. Switching up the game, Mulan brought a fresh and alternative view towards Disney and lead female characters. Packed to the brim with action, adventure and an amazing soundtrack, this Disney film is sure to become an absolute favourite in no time. We mean, who doesn’t love a talking dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy?!

8. Hercules

This film is sure to rocket from Zero to Hero in a matter of minutes! Again, another different spin on the usual Princess/Prince based Disney films, this 1997 classic adaptation of the Greek Divine Hero Hercules will no doubt have you grinning from ear to ear throughout. With another wicked soundtrack and humorous storyline, this demi-god inspired film most definitely deserves a place in our Top 10.


9. Beauty and The Beast

Despite the latest 2017 release, we still can’t get enough of the original! Released in 1991, this enchanting and mesmerising film will no doubt take you on a journey like no other! Featuring an abundance of flamboyant and feisty characters, this beautifully bold film will be tugging on your heart strings faster than you can say Gaston Legume!

10. Pinocchio

It only seems fitting to open and close with a golden oldie, so how could we possibly forget Pinocchio! A film that’s taught us not to lie, unless we fancy the notion of having a colossally lengthy nose, there’s always time for the 1940 original version of this film! Considered one of the greatest animated films ever made, it’s time you tuned your strings and checked out this absolute classic!

So, there we have it, our Top 10 Disney Films Of All Time! Regardless of your age, Disney is sure to offer something for everyone! What’s more, if you’re a mad Disney fan, then be sure to check out our wicked range of Official Disney Tee’s and Vest Tops! With designs such as the stunning Little Mermaid or the Tinkerbell Vest Top to choose from, you can be reassured that your Disney inspired style will shine bright for longer!

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Written By BlueBanana