Nass Festival 2015 – 10 Reasons You Should Be There

Skaters, bands, DJs, BMXers, people doing crazy athletic things and Tony Hawk. Yep, it’s Nass Festival 2015.

Nass begins in a few days so we figured we’d go through the lineup and pick out 10 things you should make sure you see!


1. Lower Than Atlantis

Photo credit to @ltamusic

Photo credit to @ltamusic

4 records in, a top 20 album and a recent signing to Sony, Lower Than Atlantis show no signs of slowing down. Prepare for singalongs.

2. Pro Skaters & BMX Riders Doing What They’re Best AtNass Festival 2015 - Pro Skaters & BMXers

Every year Nass plays host to some of the best skaters and bmxers in the world and Nass 2015 is no different. Head down to the pro course this weekend and check out some professional shredders.

3. Public Enemy


Photo credit to @publicenemyftp

One of the most notorious hip hip groups of all time, Public Enemy are a big deal. This year they’re headlining the main stage on Sunday and it promises to be something special.

4. Less Than Jake

Photo credit to  @lessthanjake

Photo credit to

Less Than Jake are back in the UK! Energetic ska punk with lyrics that are dark and poignant as often as they are silly and fun. Perfect for Nass Festival 2015.

5. International Bboy & Bgirl Competition

Prepare to see bodies spinning and flipping in ways you didn’t think were possible. Even if you know nothing about break-dancing, seeing top class breakers do their thing is pretty amazing.

6. Skate ParkNass Festival 2015 - Public Skate Park

Skating at Nass is not just for the pros. There’s a street park just for the public, and you can skate for as long as you want for free! Isn’t that nice of them?

7. Enter Shikari

An Enter Shikari headline set? Yes please!

8. Parkour & Free-RunningParkour (Team_JiYo_-_pioneerne_indenfor_parkour_i_danmark)

You might think that it’s gonna be tough to have parkour going on in a field. But you’d be wrong. Free-running team Roar have swapped out the urban environment for a custom built course in which to showcase their skills.

9. Rolo Tomassi

@rolotomassi (11375769_1454528304849840_466129051_n)

Photo credit to @rolotomassiband

Somewhere between math-core, punk, acid-jazz, pop and ambient, Rolo Tomassi’s sound is a tough one to categorise. But that’s okay. Who needs categories! Rolo Tomassi are incredible, make sure you watch them.

10. Tony HawkTony Hawk (BDO_Vert_Skate_Jam_@_McCallum_Park_(5_2_2012)_(6971314297))

Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse Team will be taking to the pro skating course, and of course, the vert. It’s not often you get the chance to see the biggest name in skating shred, but thanks to Nass Festival 2015, you can.

Written By BlueBanana