Fresh Blue Banana Festival Survival Kit

The new festival survival kit from Blue Banana should be on the top of your check list for your music weekend. This ingenious pack is filled with the essentials to help you survive a weekend of unpredictable British weather. All of our festival survival kits contain items to protect you from the sun and heavy rain showers. As well as practical products, we’ve included a few goodies to get you in the spirit. For your own personal hygiene, safety and fun, this pack is the ultimate. We know exactly what you will need for your music weekend which is why we have specifically hand-picked the products featured. For men and women, this festival survival kit can be used by everyone.

Essential Pack for Music Events

This amazing festival survival kit comes complete in a drawstring bag which is easy to carry around with you. Every pack contains sun cream, Chill hair products and a Rolly toothbrush as well as many other items. There’s nothing worse than getting to a music event and discovering you’ve forgotten an essential item. Thanks to Blue Banana your fundamental products are kept in one of the useful kits. With the typical British weather forever changing its mind, you never know what your weekend has in store so it’s best to turn up prepared. For more ideas or single items, visit our festival accessories page. The contents of each festival survival kit includes:

  • One Emergency Blanket
  • One Emergency Poncho
  • A Pair of Sunglasses
  • A Glow Stick
  • A Rolly Toothbrush
  • Earplugs
  • Pack of Two Easiheat Hand and Glove Warmers
  • Lip Balm
  • 3 Chill Hair Products including Protective Cream Sun Spray, Nourish and Detangle Conditioner and Sun Care Shampoo
  • Mini Blue Banana Torch with Clip
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel with Clip
  • Pack of 3 SafeX Condoms
  • Aloha Sun Protective Lotion Factor 25
  • One Canvas Drawstring Bag

Festivals Kit from Blue Banana

Our awesome festival survival kit has been built with your requirements in mind. Ultimately the single best and most needed pack for your weekend away, why buy single items? These lightweight and easy to carry kits contain practical and fun items. With enough to last you a few days in the great outdoors, these bags aren’t limited to festivals, you can also use them for holiday camping trips. There’s nothing worse than being bogged down with items you won’t get through so we’ve produced the items at a reasonable size. If you’re after more accessories, just visit the huge section. Thanks to the festival survival kit, your music even experience just got better.

Written By BlueBanana