10 Bands To Look Out For at Bloodstock Open Air 2017

Get prepared for Bloodstock Open Air Festival with this guide of top bands to look out for!

Bloodstock Open Air Festival Logo

Blood Stock Open Air Logo

As we’re sure you’re all aware, the biggest heavy/ death metal festival is just around the corner and we can’t wait! Since its first festival in 2005, Bloodstock has been home to some of the biggest names in heavy metal including Trivium, Motorhead, Megadeth and the almighty Lamb of God! But the best thing about this epic open air festival as you may have noticed with the recent release of the full line-up, is that we get to see some of the biggest names in metal in one place over one EPIC weekend!

So, with this in mind we’ve put together a little list to show off some classic songs to look out for from the awesome line up retuning to Derby for august 10-13th!


  1. Amon Amarth

If you love melodic death metal then I bet you can’t wait for the fantastic Viking themed band Amon Amarth. With 10 studio albums having being produced since 1988, this iconic band really know how to stir up a crowd. With an amazing on stage presence with their whole gimmick centred around Norse mythology, if they end up playing ‘Guardians of Asgard’ on the Ronnie James Dio Stage; things are bound to get crazy.


  1. Ghost

With their downright quirky style, this Swedish heavy metal band is one you really can’t afford to miss! Since their 2010 album Opus Epnymous we’ve all been blessed with tracks such as Circle and Secular Haze; but our favourite without a doubt has to be Square Hammer from their 2016 album Popestar.


  1. Megadeth

This is one band that really needs no introduction. Megadeth have been around from the early days of rock and metal and have been blowing our minds with new material ever since. After seeing them time after time, you’d think we’d all get bored, but we really don’t! Tracks such as ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ from their hit album Rest in Peace is something we’re praying we get to hear on Sunday night!



  1. Arch Enemy

But if you still haven’t got your fix of melodic death metal with Amon Amarth, you literally must make sure to see Arch Enemy on Sunday! Featuring one of the best female vocalists from the metal world, you’ll be sure to witness a truly unforgettable show if you get to see them perform one of their hit tracks ‘Nemesis’ or ‘War Eternal’!


  1. Skindred

Out of all the bands we’re most hyped for it’s got to be Skindred! The Welsh metal band from Newport have blessed us with their unique style of heavy metal and reggae to give us all some of the best mosh tracks around. Particularly we can’t wait to hear their hit track ‘Kill the Power’! See you in the pit?

  1. Hatebreed

If you’re more into your metalcore you’ll be downright stupid to miss out on Hatebreed! With classic tracks such as ‘I Will Be Heard’, Saturday at the Ronnie James Dio Stage is going to be absolutely mental!


  1. Battle Beast

Another band for those who love their female metal vocalists, Battle Beast could be your next favourite. Since their formation in 2008, we’ve heard epic power metal tracks that will blow your minds! Whether you love your melodies or you need a break from the thrash, listen out for Battle Beast – ‘King for a Day’ on Thursday 10th.


  1. Bossk

Although they’ve decided to call it a day within the metal community, Bossk will still treat us to an epic Sunday show on the Bloodstock Feastival Sophie Lancaster Stage. With awesome tracks such as ‘Kobe’, be sure to check them out before they go!


  1. The Infernal Sea

The infernal sea will be returning to Bloodstock on the Sophie Lancaster stage on Friday 11th after 4 long awaited years. If you’re looking for your next fix of black and old school death metal you’ll absolutely love the Infernal sea! Check out their track Plague Herald for yourselves!


  1. Municipal Waste

But if you’re looking to just get absolutely wild this Bloodstock, how about treating yourself to some party thrash? Municipal Waste will be back again for an epic show! We just hope we’ve got enough energy to mosh out to ‘Sadistic Magician’ on Saturday night!


So there you have it- the top 10 bands and songs you literally have to look out for at this year’s Bloodstock open air!  Obviously we’ve not been able to get all of your anticipated top tracks, but we think these are definitely up their as some of the best!

But don’t worry, if you can’t make it this year or don’t have time to put together your own playlist we’ve got you covered! Check out our Spotify Playlist below.

Be sure to check out our Bloodstock Open Air Festival guide to make sure you have the absolutely best weekend imaginable! Equally, don’t just prepare mentally! Check out our band merch store to make sure you’ve got some sick threads when you enter the fray!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins