00’s Bands We’d Forgotten We Loved: Part 1

We’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia binge here in the BB offices recently, listening non-stop to the bands that shaped our musical tastes as teenagers. With Blink-182 riding high in the charts, everyone going nuts over Pokemon (#Team Valor) and questionable 00’s fashion choices making a comeback, it feels like we’re firmly back in the heady days of our adolescence! (Thankfully, with better hair this time around…frosted tips better not make a comeback.)

‘Cos we love the feeling of re-discovering amazing old tunes, we thought we’d take a look back at the bands that made us lose our sh*t back in the day. So stick on your baggy jeans, pop on your sweatbands, hold on to your trucker hat and prepare to reminisce over the top 10 00’s bands we’d forgotten we loved!


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10. INME

Years Active: 1996-Present

Biggest Hit: Underdose

Check ‘Em Out If You Like: Silverchair, Funeral for a Friend, Fightstar

With a sound that blended grunge tinged post-hardcore with grinding riffs and searingly angsty lyrics, this band were huge for a hot minute back in 2001- and for good reason! Tracks such as Firefly and Crushed Like Fruit propelled the trio into the spotlight, earning them major chart success and plenty of fans in the process. A few line up changes not withstanding, the band are still recording and touring, with their most recent album released last Spring, so there’s stacks of new InMe material to catch up on!


Years Active: 1999-Present

Biggest Hit: If I Could

Check ‘Em Out If You Like: Incubus, Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World

Back in the day, Hundred Reasons‘ particular strand of emo tinged, alterna-pop punk was our jam! Each song they released was a bona fide sing-a-long classic that still stands up to scrutiny today. With a trio of Kerrang Award wins and numerous other plaudits and awards under their belts, the band looked poised for big time mainstream success, but were dropped by their record label shortly after the release of their second album. Now on an indefinite hiatus, we reckon it’s time to show the lads a bit of love and dive into their back catalogue. We promise you won’t regret it!


Kittie: The Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the 00's

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Years Active: 1996-Present

Biggest Hit: Brackish 

Check ‘Em Out If You Like: Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Babymetal

Say what you want about Kittie, we reckon these ladies are frickin’ awesome! Dubbed (Perhaps a little chauvinistically) as the metal world’s answer to the Spice Girls, Kittie first exploded onto the scene in 2000 with their debut album ‘Spit’, written when the band were still teenagers. Fusing elements of nu-metal, heavy metal, goth rock and black metal, the band have changed their sound in recent years, but this hasn’t dulled the raw, abrasive quality we loved them for back in the early 00’s.


From First To Last: The Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the 00's

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Years Active: 1999-2013, 2013-Present

Biggest Hit: Note to Self

Check ‘Em Out If You Like: A Day to Remember, Blessthefall, Escape the Fate

You probably already know that Skrillex (Aka Sonny Moore) was the lead singer of this band before becoming a radio-bothering electronic artist, but did you know that this band were responsible for some of the most innovative and exciting music of the early 00’s? At their most popular during 2004-2007, FFTL released two utterly perfect albums that encapsulated the zeitgeist of the transformative emo/post-hardcore scene. If you haven’t already downloaded their back catalogue, you need to do it ASAP!


The Hives: The Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the 00's

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Years Active: 1996-Present

Biggest Hit: Hate to Say I Told You So

Check ‘Em Out If You Like: Eagles of Death Metal, Electric Six, The White Stripes

Ok, so this band may not strictly be forgotten, as we reckon everyone remembers at least one song by The Hives, right? Nevertheless, these Swedish garage-rock maestros don’t get nearly the love they deserve, despite a solid backbone of 00’s classics to their name. Wanna get better acquainted with their other material? Check out their breakthrough album ‘Veni, Vidi, Vicious’ for a brief introduction into the frenetic majesty these guys bring to the table.

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