Have you ever browsed Blue Banana’s New Rock footwear collection? If you are into alternative styles from gothic to steampunk to punk then we are sure you will love the style of these shoes. Our New Rock Boots Sale features plenty of styles of shoes and boots and we think you might be surprised by some of the designs. From smart shoes for occasions such as weddings, to biker style influences, it is clear to see the makers of these shoes draw their influences from all kinds of places.


New Rock is a well-established brand, based in Spain. It is celebrated for the hand-finished manufacturing techniques, durability, comfort and of course awesome style. If you have tried fake New Rock boots you will soon realise there is nothing like a real New Rock branded shoe. With excellent quality materials and detailed designs, why look anywhere else?

We know you will want to know what kind of footwear you can get in the New Rock sale. For a quick look at what Blue Banana has to offer, check out these styles you can try: 


Don’t forget, if you aren’t sure what style of New Rock shoes you would like to try you can always check out all the New Rock branded footwear here

Since boot styles is one of the biggest categories in the catalogue, we have broken it down further so you can find the exact style you would like. From New Rock ankle boots to New Rock Reactor boots, each style has its own characteristics so you can enjoy finding the perfect height, heel type and décor for your taste. Here are the types you can choose from:

As well as selecting different styles you can also filter our sections for your requirements. For example if you are looking for New Rock boots purple you can sort by colour.


It is also important to note that there are different delivery options. All New Rock boots are custom made so delivery can take 5 – 8 working days. We are New Rock boots UK stockists which means we stock some urgent order New Rock. These items tend to be discontinued styles or items with low stock, so before you search for second hand New Rock boots check our stock because these styles are often discounted. Browse each section here: 

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As you can see there are plenty of ways to view our New Rock boots for sale so enjoy browsing all our styles or create a more specialised search to find the exact look you are planning. We would love to see how you style your New Rock boots so why not tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Have you ever tried pairing an unusual outfit with your New Rocks? We would love to hear about it!