Stivali New Rock: stile da celebrità

Stivali New Rock: stile da celebrità

Gone are the days when chunky black combat boots are considered something only goths wear. We’re seeing more and more people appreciating the unique style and design of New Rock footwear with the likes of celebrities wearing them for photoshoots and gigs. We’ll take you through some of our favourite New Rock outfits worn by famous celebs and show you just how easy it is to replicate their style at Blue Banana. 

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Stivaletti New Rock M.373-S29 Reactor (Nero)
Stivaletti New Rock M.373-S29 Reactor (Nero)
New Rock Stivali Con Tacco M-PUNK001-C1 (Nero)
New Rock Stivali Con Tacco M-PUNK001-C1 (Nero)


This young rocker is known for his outspokenness and alternative style. You'll often see him sporting a mini skirt whilst performing on stage with his signature pink socks. 

Yungblud has paired this look with the New Rock Tower Shoes. These shoes have chunky soles for that iconic gothic aesthetic. 

Recreate this look with our Banned Sisterhood Tartan Skirt, Cult Cropped Hoodie and a pair of our New Rock Ankle Boots.



Here we see him sporting the New Rock Reactor style with chains across the front. Nothing says alternative like metal chains and leather! These gothic boots pair perfectly with the tartan trousers and black top and is such an easy look to replicate. Choose our New Rock M.727-S5 Reactor Half Boots with spikes and chains and our Norval Tartan Trousers to achieve this outfit.



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Ashnikko is an American rapper and singer known for her bright blue hair and alternative style. Ashnikko rose to fame when her single “Stupid” became a hit on the TikTok app and drew the attention of artists such as Miley Cyrus. Ashnikko draws plenty of inspiration from urban street style and gives nods to fantasy and anime looks too.

In this post on her Twitter, we can see her sporting a pair of glossy knee-high New Rock boots with metal plating on the shins. It doesn’t get cooler than this pair of gothic boots! 



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re bound to know this next celebrity. The iconic 80s pop star Madonna is always reinventing herself and her appearance and this video on Instagram is no exception. Donning an all-black get-up, we see Madonna in a pair of chunky black New Rock Boots as well as a silk coat and fishnet top. Dancing to her own song, Madonna puts the stomp in gothic platform boots. 




Want to get the look? Choose the Hell Bunny Nickel Trousers and the Jawbreaker Net Sweater!



Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a true emo legend even in 2023. In this video from a Yungblud concert, we see him joined by Avril Lavigne who is wearing an oversized jumper, fishnet tights and a pair of chunky New Rock Reactor Boots. We can’t get enough of this outfit from the Sk8er Boi singer! 




Why not replicate this look with our Blue Banana fishnet tights and Jawbreaker Floral Pentagram Oversized Hoodie? 





Since recently entering the rock scene, Willow Smith is shaping up to be one of the next big names in the alt-rock industry. April 2023 saw Willow take to the stage to show off her skills. Willow can be seen wearing a denim playsuit while playing her white guitar as well as sporting some New Rock Reactor calf boots with shiny silver buckles. 

New Rock boots are so versatile. Their anatomic insoles made from recycled materials make each pair super comfortable so you can stomp on stage or go casual for day-to-day wear. 



New Rock boots suit any style; just take a look at Halsey on stage with K-pop star Suga! 

Halsey has paired her leather Reactor Boots with some baggy straight-leg trousers and a net crop top. This outfit is the perfect mix of grunge and goth and is so easy to replicate. Use our Hell Bunny Cameron Jeans or Nickel Trousers and our Banned Skull Queen Top or Drama Queen Top. Don’t forget the white belt too! 





Crystal Viper

The frontwoman of this heavy metal band from Poland is often seen wearing a pair of Gothic New Rock boots. Crystal Viper is all about the classic rock sound and look. Marta Gabriel is the talented singer and guitar player for Crystal Viper and is a total rock chick. Clad in leather and fishnets, Marta is seen wearing the stiletto boots from the New Rock Devil Collection. Who says you can’t rock out in high heels?




It seems New Rock shoes are becoming even more popular with celebs rocking these gothic shoes and we’re glad to see that they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve! 

We want to see how you style your New Rock footwear so be sure to tag us in your post over on Instagram and TikTok!

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