What is the best hair dye for beginners?

The best hair dye for beginners is a semi-permanent or temporary hair dye. If you aren’t confident about pre-lightening your hair then make sure to choose a hair dye colour that will work with your natural colour to help you get started with dyeing your hair at home. Here are some of the brands we stock, which all come with easy to follow hair dye instructions:
  • Crazy Color
  • Headshot
  • Herman’s Amazing
  • La Riche Directions
  • Manic Panic
  • Paintglow
  • Splashes & Spills
  • Splat
  • Stargazer
How can I colour my hair at home?

Here are some tips on how to colour your hair at home. For a detailed ‘How To’ guide, make sure to check out our How To Dye Hair article.
  1. Always perform a strand test and patch test before using hair dye.
  2. Make sure you have a spare tub of hair dye in case you need extra in the middle of dyeing your hair.
  3. Always wear a pair of protective gloves when dyeing.
  4. Use petroleum jelly or conditioner around your hairline to prevent staining your skin.
  5. Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting stained and messy.
  6. If you are pre-lightening your hair, make sure to read the hair colour instructions on your bleach kit and leave plenty of time in between bleaching and colouring hair to allow damage to repair.
  7. Place newspaper or towels around where you’re dyeing hair to protect surfaces from staining.
  8. Use mirrors both in front and behind you if you're applying hair dye without assistance.
  9. Rinse your hair in the sink rather than in the shower to avoid staining the grout or the fixtures in your bathtub/shower cubicle.
  10. Always use cold water when rinsing out hair dye.
  11. It’s recommended that you don’t wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner for at least a week after hair dyeing.
How to apply colour yourself?

Are you ready to DIY hair dye? Make sure you have your hair dye product, mixing bowl, tint brush, old clothes, and old towels ready to apply colour yourself.

First, make sure you have carried out all the necessary steps before dyeing your hair such as a patch and strand test, pre-lightening, and toning.

Always read the instructions as there are a few different ways to dye your hair depending on the brand you choose, for example, does your hair need to be wet or dry?

Next, prepare your hair, as per the instructions and start applying the hair dye.

When you dye hair split it off into sections using hair clips and start applying the hair dye at the roots of the hair, working your way to the tips. You may want to use a mirror to make sure you have fully covered the back of your hair.

Comb through your hair to ensure the hair dye is applied evenly.

Leave the hair dye to develop for the allotted time (don’t be tempted to leave it on for longer as this could damage your hair).

If you want to try applying heat to hair dye while it is developing, you can cover your hair with a cap or bag and use a hairdryer on a gentle setting. This can help the colour to penetrate further into the hair, giving more vibrant results.

Finally, rinse out the hair dye and enjoy your new colour!

As you can see, with our semi-permanent hair dye, it is easy to dye your hair at home without causing any damage. If you would prefer to use a hair dye that avoids harsh chemicals then we have got you covered. Browse our full range of PPD free hair dyes, here. For more information about the ingredients of each hair dye brand, make sure to check out our Allergy Information article.

Cruelty-free hair dyes get the seal of approval from Blue Banana and we have made sure that you can shop vegan friendly hair dyes so check out the full range of vegan hair dyes, here.

Before you begin dyeing your hair you may want to bleach and tone your hair. While plenty of people know about bleaching their hair, toning is often an overlooked step of preparing your hair for your new hair colour. If bleaching your hair has left you with brassy tones, then you will want to invest in a toner to help you eliminate any unwanted brassiness.

After all the care you have taken to get your hair to your dream colour we are sure you want it to last as long as possible so make sure to check out our tips and tricks on caring for dyed hair and visit our Aftercare section for a range of shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to care for dyed hair.

As you can see there are plenty of things to consider when selecting your perfect hair dye, so make sure you have read up on all the information you need and enjoy exploring hundreds of hair dye options at Blue Banana.