Can you believe that it has been 30 years since the release of Nevermind?

Nevermind was the second studio album for the American grunge rock band Nirvana, including one of their now most famous songs, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Alternative kids everywhere will be more than familiar with the heavy guitar riffs and moody lyrics of Nirvana as they are a staple of alternative and gothic aesthetics.

Here at Blue Banana, we want to pay homage to one of the greatest grunge rock bands of all time. Celebrating 30th years of Nevermind is important to us as this album influenced many young teens in their journey to becoming the rockers that they are today. Their sound resonates with a lot of kids’ teenage angst and serves to inspire several generations.


5 Facts You Didn't Know About Nevermind


  1. Nevermind was originally going to be called Sheep. - The working title of this album was originally going to be called Sheep. Kris Novoselic stated that this was a reflection of the band's cynicism and a snide commentary on those who might buy the album, by Kurt Cobain. 

  2. Nevermind knocked Michael Jackson off the Charts in 1992 - In January 1992. Nevermind reached Number 1 in the Billboard Album Charts which knocked Michael Jackson off pole position which he had held for four weeks. Quite the feat for alternative rock and the grunge movement at that time!

  3. Dave Grohl isn't the only drummer on Nevermind - The original line-up for Nirvana included drummer Chad Channing. Channing can be heard on the track "Polly". Channing left a few months after demos of Nevermind were recorded and was then replaced with Dave Grohl.

  4. Lithium was by far their trickiest track on the album - Whilst Nirvana usually churned out songs in two or three takes, Lithium proved to be a tricky one for Nirvana. After three or four tries, Cobain began playing an instrumental jam in frustration. This later became the hidden track "Endless, Nameless".

  5. Kurt Cobain didn't think Smells Like Teen Spirit rocked enough - Before being released, Cobain believed the track to be cliché and was underwhelmed by it. He later described the track as a call to arms to the younger generation. 

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Ways To Celebrate 

30 years is quite the milestone! Whilst there is no Kurt Cobain to celebrate the achievement, band member Kris Novoselic has hinted at a possible reissue of Nevermind with Dave Grohl. So keep your eyes peeled for some tunes! 

You can also spend time watching the latest documentary "When Nirvana Came to Britain" on BBC iPlayer to get your fix of everything Nirvana. 

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