A band merch t-shirt is a staple of any alternative wardrobe. Their versatility means you can dress them with almost anything. Whether it’s a skirt, skinny jeans, a leather jacket or fishnets, a t-shirt from your favourite band is always a win when it comes to alt fashion.

If you’re looking to become more environmentally conscious in regards to your fashion choices then you’re in the right place! Here at Blue Banana, we have a brand new range of band merch t-shirts that are totally friendly to the environment!

Introducing the All New Environmentally Friendly T-Shirts!

Eco Tees are the fashion trend of 2022. We now stock a range of environmentally friendly band merch t-shirts. Made from 100. recycled material, these tees combine the need for sustainable fashion as well as a love for all things rock & metal.

Eco T-Shirts are the way of the future as we see a decline in fast fashion. Using materials such as plastic bottles and fabrics to create new clothing is a great way to recycle! Every Eco Band Tee on our website is made from 3 plastic bottles and the waste from 3 Cotton T-shirts. This saves plastics and fabric from landfill. It doesn’t stop there, our eco-friendly band tees also use water based, environmentally friendly inks that are free from harmful and toxic chemicals making them safer for the environment.

When you order one of our Eco Tees you don’t need to worry about unnecessary plastic as our Eco Range is packaged in cardboard envelopes that can be recycled or reused!

Classic Rock Band Tees

Now you know all about our awesome Eco Recycled T-Shirts, take a look at the rock & metal band merchandise on offer!

If you’re a fan of classic rock then you’ll love our new Black Sabbath Eco T-Shirt! What better way to celebrate the fathers of rock than with an eco-friendly band tee! We even have classic rock greats AC/DC, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Celebrate your favourite rock band with a t-shirt made from recycled plastic and fabric!



Punk & Hip-Hop T-Shirts

If old school rock just isn’t your thing then why not take a look at our Hip-Hop Eco T-shirts with Tupac and Biggie Smalls if you prefer a rap beat.

Pop-punk sensation Yungblud can also be found in our Eco Tee range. Check out this eco-friendly t-shirt featuring the track list from Yungblud’s latest album Weird.


Recycled Fashion: Sustainable Is In!

Our amazing supplier RockOff is dedicated to creating one of the first fully licensed Eco-Friendly Band Merch ranges including t-shirts and hoodies. Tested by RockOff themselves, these band tees are still super soft for ultimate comfort and feel so you don’t have to worry about receiving a low-quality tee.

At Blue Banana, we wholeheartedly believe in trying to make the world a better places and we're starting with alternative & gothic ethical clothing. If you’re looking to make a change to your lifestyle in order to focus on sustainable living then check out our Vegan Hair Dye, Vegan Footwear and even Vegan & Cruelty-Free Bath Bombs.

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