Ears, nose, lips, belly button… It seems like anywhere that can be pierced has been pierced by now! But that doesn’t mean there can’t be new trends in piercings. Just take a look at constellation piercings – an awesome new trend that’s taking the Internet by storm.

What are constellation piercings, we hear you ask? Well, they’re pretty are what they say on the tin: getting constellation piercings involves putting a close group of piercings – usually studs – on one of your ears in order to create a cool design or pattern. Pretty swish, eh? And the combinations are pretty much endless… Don’t have to just have a bunch of unrelated piercings on your ear, make them complement each other!

Because we’re awesome and stuff, we at Blue Banana have compiled some of our own tips when it comes to constellation piercings. You don’t need to wish upon a star to make your constellation look good, you just need to make sure you plan it out well!

Keep It Simple

When arranging your first constellation you may be tempted to overwhelm it with as much variety as possible. ‘How about a plug, seven studs (all different colours), a couple of dangle earrings and two rings all in one ear?’ No, don’t! You don’t want your ear to look like a car boot sale! By sticking to a few piercings (though at least three) you can create a great minimalist look. You want people to be able to appreciate your piercings as part of a constellation and each on their own merits. By stuffing your ear full of metal, you’ll be stopping people from appreciating how awesome your piercings are.

Rework Old Piercings

One of the main reasons so many people have taken to constellation piercings is that they’re a great way to rework old piercings you’re not too fond of. Got a conch piercing a couple of years ago that’s super wonky and off-centre? Matching it up with your other piercings – making them complement each other – can be a fantastic way to make use of it! Let your piercings help each other out so you can get an awesome overall look!

Be Creative

I know, I know – we told you to keep it simple. But you can still be creative without going over the top. While it might be best to start off with some plain, simple studs, mixing in some rings can help add a little more ‘wow’! Just like space isn’t only made up of stars – you also have moons and planets – your constellation doesn’t have to be made up of one type of piercing. Why not have a set of small studs focus around a bigger, more dramatic attraction? It’s only when you fill your ear up completely with dramatic piercings that things begin to get a bit cluttered…

Work With Your Ear

Look at enough photos of ears and you’ll realise that no two look the same. Some people have small ears, some big, some wide, some thin… But all ears are beautiful! Make sure you take advantage of the shape of your ear, and have your constellation set up in such a way that compliments it. For example, if your ears are on the larger side, why not make the most of the space you have?

Think Ahead

Finally, if you are thinking of getting some extra piercings in order to create a constellation, just make sure you’ll still want them in the long term. Don’t get us wrong, we adore piercings here at Blue Banana, but we don’t throw loads of money at a piercer to get a constellation look when there’s a chance you might get bored of it in a few months. We want you to have an awesome looking constellation, but we also want you to be certain you want it.

So there you have it; our top tips with regards to constellation piercings! Have you got a constellation piercing yourself? If so, we’d absolutely love to see it! Send us a pic on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.