Can you believe we’re officially in 2023. So much happened in 2022 that we thought we’d recap some of the highlights and lowlights of the year.

We’ve experienced lots of poignant moments throughout 2022 including the passing of notable celebrities and musicians as well as the return of some incredible rock bands.

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TV Moments We Loved

We couldn’t talk about 2022 without touching on this super cool moment in Netflix’s Stranger Things. If you watched season 4 of this popular TV program then you’ll remember the iconic scene in which the character Eddie Munson shreds Metallica’s Master of Puppets solo to attract the demons in the Upside Down. For any alternative individual or lover of Metallica, hearing this guitar solo was a truly epic moment in 2022. We were so pleased to learn that actor Joe Quinn did indeed learn to play the solo in preparation for this scene making it even more special!

If you’d forgotten about this moment in 2022 then refresh your memory on this awesome scene:

The end of 2022 also brought some great TV with the reimagining of The Addams Family in the Netflix special, Wednesday. The Addams Family is loved by many but it has an extra special place in our hearts with its truly gothic imagery and intense characters. This exciting series broke streaming records with the number of views reached in the first few weeks! Following the family’s oldest daughter Wednesday as she enters a new school, the series is bursting with fantasy, supernatural and gothic themes and we couldn’t get enough! It was so great to see characters so true to our hearts and those embracing a bit of macabre.

Wednesday has since been renewed for another season and we’re excited to see where Jenna Ortega takes Wednesday next!

2000s Emo Returns

2022 saw some amazing moments when it came to music. We weren’t expecting the likes of Blink-182 or My Chemical Romance to release new music but we were so pleased to see the return of these music giants!

After a battle with cancer throughout most of 2021, Mark Hoppus surprised us all with his speedy recovery and a jump back into making music with Blink-182. As if that wasn’t enough, Blink-182 announced that Tom DeLonge would also be rejoining the band after a 7-year hiatus resulting in one epic reunion. They also released a brand new single “EDGING” to mark their return. Full of pop-punk riffs and playful lyrics, it seems Blink-182 is returning to their roots.

May 2022 was the month dedicated to My Chemical Romance. After postponing their UK tour in 2021, nothing would stop these New Jersey rockers this time. Playing a total of 8 shows across the UK - 3 in Milton Keynes alone - every MCR fan in the country was reminded of their 2000s emo days. Their setlist included some of their most popular tracks such as Welcome to the Black Parade and I’m Not Okay (I Promise) as well a debut of a brand new track, The Foundations of Decay. It’s safe to say the buzz surrounding their return was intense.

In September 2022, another alternative legend Paramore returned to the rock scene with a new song “This Is Why”, reflecting the trying times of the past few years with the COVID-19 pandemic. Another track “The News” was also released in December 202. with a funky upbeat melody and melancholy lyrics. 2023 is set to be an exciting year with the upcoming, full-length Paramore album releasing in February.

In case you missed it, 2022 got another big surprise with a brand-new Metallica single on November 28th! Lux Æterna is an upbeat tune akin to their old-school 80s riffs and has been a big hit so far. 2023 is sure to be a big year for Metallica with an album release in April and back-to-back tours across the globe in their “No Repeat Weekend” extravaganza!

We’re so looking forward to all the new music releases in 2023 and we’re more than ready to embrace the 2000s emo vibes again!

Tragic Passings in 2022

Whilst there were many highlights during 2022. we sadly had to say goodbye to some music legends.

Notably one of the most talked about deaths this year was drummer Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters. Hawkins’ death was a shock to the industry in March as the band were in the midst of a South American tour and was set to play headlining tours in North America, the UK & Australia throughout the year. A tribute concert was announced with artists such as Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette and Def Leppard in attendance as well as son Shane Hawkins playing the drums as a tribute to his late father on the iconic track Everlong.

Taylor Hawkins died age 50 on March 25th 2022.

Lead Vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder Trevor Strnad also passed away in 2022 leaving a huge hole in the metal community. Many have shared tributes to the heavy metal artist including Robb Flynn of Machine Head and Trivium’s Matt Heafy describing him as an “icon of modern metal”.

Trevor Strnad died aged 41 on May 11th 2022.

Whilst we leave 2022 behind, it goes without saying that it was a jam-packed year filled with some truly great times. Make sure to share your 2022 highlights with us over on our Instagram and TikTok and tag us @BlueBananaUK.