When choosing your dream hair colour there are plenty of factors to consider such as how long you want it to last, which colours you have tried before, and even what season of the year it is. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for colours to dye my hair.

What colour should I dye my hair?

Choosing what colour to dye your hair can be tricky. With so many options, including choosing a shade of hair dye once you have selected a colour, it can be hard to know which one you will love. Think about the tones you wear in your clothes and makeup, and also what colour your hair naturally is. Remember, any undertones may show through your hair dye if you don’t pre-lighten and tone your hair before adding hair dye.

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What fun colour should I dye my hair?

There are plenty of bright hair colours to choose from thanks to today’s selection of hair dyes. From hot pink to UV green, there are endless fun colours you could try. When choosing a brightly coloured hair dye think about what colour clothing you most often wear so you don’t end up creating too much of a clash. If you have dyed your hair plenty of times then why not dare to go a shade brighter? If you are just taking a step into hair dyeing, choose a softer or darker colour to get you started. 

How to pick a hair colour?

If you are choosing a natural hair colour then why not start with a hair dye that is a few shades lighter or darker than your own. Choosing a completely different hair colour can be hard work as it requires more maintenance and may require you to tint your eyebrows to match. If you are looking for an unnatural colour to dye your hair then consider your fashion style and choose a shade to complement your outfits.

What should I dye my hair?

When deciding what colour you should dye your hair, think about which colours have been on your To Dye list that will work well with the season. For example, you can have lots of fun matching your hair to the types of weather. Try a midnight blue to reflect the shorter days in winter or a gorgeous deep red to match the autumn leaves. The most obvious look for summer is a sunshine yellow but bright forest green and pastel tones will also look awesome in the sunlight. Really, it is completely up to your which colour of hair dye you want to try. Forget about trying to find the colours hair dye you should use and go with the one that you have been fantasising about!

What shades work best on pre-lightened hair?

If you're naturally fair-haired or already rocking some pre-lightened tresses, then opt for lighter, paler or Pastel-ized shades. Pink, blue, lilac, or yellow all work beautifully on light locks and will provide you with a fresh and bold finish. 

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What shades can I use on dark, unbleached hair?

Don't want to reach for the bleach, but still want a new stand-out hair colour? Rich, deep shades of blue, purple, green, and red work best on darker hair and will provide a stunning shimmer of colour to dark hair. 

With any hair dye, results will vary depending on your base colour and the way you treat your hair after you have dyed it. 

Ready to take a What colour should I dye my hair quiz? Skip the weird questions about your personality and what you ate for breakfast, and get straight to the point by using a colour chart to help you choose colours that will look awesome together!

A hair colour chart can be a helpful way to get started on choosing your hair colour. Using a classic colour wheel, you can choose colours that are opposite yet complementary to your general clothing preference or choose close tones to create styles such as ombre hair. 

What colour ombre should I get quiz? With a creative mind like yours, we are sure you already have some great ideas of what colours you want. Whether you are choosing a natural ombre style or a bright and badass tone, it is important to remember that this look will take plenty of patience if you are trying it out at home. Make sure to choose two complementary colours which can either be two shades of the same colour or two completely different colours to achieve your ombre. A classic ombre features the darker colour near the roots, fading into lighter tips but there are some fabulous examples of reverse ombre hairstyles that have got us feeling inspired. Want to find out more about how to create an ombre hairstyle? Check out our full article, here.

Best hair colour for my skin tone quiz? Who says you have to choose your hair colour based on your skin tone? At the end of the day, the best hair colour for my skin tone is the one that makes you feel incredible! 

Most of our hair dye collections can be easily categorised into vibrant, pastel, UV, and natural but Manic Panic have their own way of shaking it up. With this in mind, we've created a guide that explains the difference between the dyes, making it much simpler to spice up your look!

What is classic colour?

Manic Panic Classic Colour is a vegan semi-permanent hair dye, free from peroxide, ammonia and PPD, that colours and conditions the hair. Classic Colour typically lasts up to 6 weeks, so it's perfect for anyone looking for a temporary change. Classic Colour is available in over 40 shades.

What is amplified colour?

The Manic Panic Amplified Colour range is a small collection of stronger, longer-lasting dyes that are formulated to last 30% longer than the Classic Colours but with all the same vegan-friendly features. Currently, 14 shades are available in the Amplified formulation.

What is UV colour? 

Seen 'UV Glow' on your tub of Manic Panic? When UV light (which is invisible to the naked eye) shines on the hair, the fluorescent compounds contained within the dye begin to glow, due to a shift in wavelengths from invisible to visible light. UV colour typically comes in bold and bright semi-permanent shades that appear to be almost neon under 'normal' light. 

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Never fear, the perfect hair colour for me is always out there waiting to be discovered! At Blue Banana, we stock hundreds of  hair dye shades to help you find the one that you have been visualising in your dreams. 

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