Want to know what to wear to a tea dance? Then read on for our beginners guide to tea dances. First, you may be wondering what is a tea dance? They were once an incredibly popular form of entertainment. Imagine a night out clubbing as a more modern version of the tea dance. Tea dance events are still held today but are more of a niche event.

When attending an event you might find yourself dancing the waltz or a tango. The Charleston also became a popular dance in the 1920s and doesn’t it look fun to try out! These dances are sure to keep you on your toes which means you are going to need the best in fancy footwear to master these toe-tapping delights. People would often come up with new tea dance ideas so there were always plenty of dances to learn.

This beginners guide to tea dances wouldn’t be complete without talking about the music. These traditional dances feature the all-important live dance band. This is typically a small group of musicians playing jazz music and classical style music. Listen out for that scrumptious saxophone sound or bright brassy trumpets. Nothing quite beats the sound of live music and for those who love festivals, you could think of this as a sort of mini-festival event.

Tea dances also tended to feature light refreshments cake and of course, tea. Evening events may even provide something bubbly to get you in the dancing mood. They were popular throughout much of the early 1900s but today we are focusing on the distinctive clothing style of a 1940s tea dance.

Tea Dances: What To Wear

The tea dance dress code varies depending on the formality of the event. For a tea dance at the Ritz, you are going to want your very best frock. This may vary if you look at the Blackpool Tower afternoon tea dress code or Blackpool Tower ballroom dress code. With Banned clothing, there is no need to worry. These fabulous dresses can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.

When looking for 1940 tea dance dresses the characteristics to look out for are a full pleated skirt, tapered waist and fitted bodice. Many tea dresses also have a small sleeve or shoulder coverage. The Banned Daytrip Dress is a classic example of this shape and style. This green floral print dress is a fun vintage design perfect for a more casual afternoon tea dance.

Banned Daytrip Dress, Tea Dances

If you are looking for smarter vintage tea dance ideas perhaps for an evening event then the Banned Proud Peacock Dress is sure to be a contender. This navy blue frock features a gorgeous peacock print and a tempting triple keyhole neckline. This dress is sure to swirl about as you are flying around the dance floor but don’t worry, your secrets won’t be revealed! Another classic feature of the tea dress is the knee length skirt which helps you to freely move but keeps your modesty.

Banned Proud Peacock Dress. Tea Dances

For a diverse dress the Banned Dancing Days Mandala Dress is sure to keep you swinging along to those jazz tunes and help you become a social butterfly. The bright tropical print features humming birds and exotic flowers so you can be a woman of mystery while sipping your tea. This dress is perfect for dressing up or down according to the event.

Banned Dancing Days Mandala Dress, Tea Dances


Vintage Fashion With Blue Banana

We know that having the right outfit will help you get into the swing. With the Banned frocks you are sure to look the part and be ready to get those feet moving. Enjoy the delights of a tea dance while looking like you stepped out of the 1940s and you are sure to discover how much fun old traditions can be.

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