At Blue Banana, we pride ourselves on our extensive piercing range which is why we are always on the lookout for something new to add that we think you will love! Opal body jewellery is becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why! The icy white and subtle pink tones of the opal are perfect for customising your piercings and stand out against silver, rose gold, and gold jewellery. Check out our full range of opal piercing jewellery, here or keep reading for the lowdown on our newest styles.

The first new jewellery in our collection is these stunning hinged segment rings. This type of opal cartilage hoop can be worn in a range of piercings. There are a range of designs to choose from to help you find the one that is perfect for you. This includes rose gold and silver opal nose hoop styles and a variety of gem types. From small gems, to specific shapes, to full-on opal hoops you can choose just how much opal you want to show off.


These opal hoops can be worn as an opal nose ring in either your nostril or septum piercing - just make sure to match the size of your current piercing jewellery and you will find that these hinged segment rings are easy to insert.

Wearing an opal nose piercing is popular for septum piercings as you can enjoy the light and vibrant look of the opal stone, perfect for enhancing the look of your nose piercing.

Classic Opal Jewellery Styles At Blue Banana

If you are looking for an opal tragus stud then there are plenty to choose from. These styles feature the white opal design that is the most common colour. This desirable shade is absolutely stunning and can be worn as part of a piercing constellation or as a stand-out piece among metallic jewellery.


If the white tone isn't your style then we have plenty of opal piercing earrings in other colours as opals (synthetic and real) do occur in a range of colours. These tragus studs and bars feature the same crystal effect of an opal but with gorgeous splashes of pink and blue.


Opal piercing jewellery is available for all types of piercing including microdermals. Once your microdermal piercing has healed you can enjoy adding new dermal tops to your piercings. Here is a selection of opal style dermal tops to help you customise your surface piercing. These stunning colours are sure to look gorgeous with your piercing.


As you can see opal body jewellery is a beautiful way to customise your piercings. It is no wonder it is such a timeless classic! This gorgeous body jewellery suits a range of fashion styles thanks to the bright white tone and cool iridescent effect.