Ear hangers have landed at Blue Banana! It is time to switch out your stretched ear jewellery for the ultimate alternative accessory. This unusual piercing jewellery can be paired with tunnels or worn on its own. It is designed to hang on your ear lobe so make sure to only use ear saddles on healed stretched piercings. The great thing about this type of piercing jewellery is that you don't need multiple sizes. As you increase the gauge of your ear piercing, you can continue to wear your ear hanger. 

Kick off your ear hangers collection here or see the styles available below. At Blue Banana, you can shop ear hangers, saddles, and weights. Check out the differences below.

The diamond and teardrop ear saddle hangers are true saddle style items. They sit on the bottom of the lobe and hang either side for a pretty effect. If you want to distribute the weight of these chunky purple ear saddles more evenly, then try wearing them on top of a tunnel. 

If you are looking for ear weights to maintain or continue stretching your ear lobe then the pentagon and pattern designs are a great choice. These weighty pieces of jewellery will weigh down your lobes, helping to maintain that stretch. However, to keep your piercing hole even, it is good to switch it up with a plug, taper, or tunnel as this will keep the round shape.

For fans of Gothic and witch aesthetics, the Moon hanger earrings are super dreamy. The simple moon designs hang from the ear lobe to show off the crescent shape. These are lighter than the pentagon designs so are perfect for extended wear. They are also made using a smaller gauge so can be worn in healed stretched piercings if you are only just beginning to expand your ear piercing but will look equally awesome in larger stretched lobes.

If you would like to learn more about using our hangers for stretched ears visit our section for FAQs and detailed information about ear hangers. As you will know if you have stretched any piecing before, choosing the right jewellery and taking your time when sizing up is vital to the success of your stretching journey. If you have chosen a heavy ear weight consider only wearing it for a few hours at a time to prevent any irritation. If you do seen signs of irritation then switch back to plugs or tunnels. Once your ear lobe piercing has settled, why not start with one of our lighter designs such as the Moon ear hangers?

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